Season 4, Episode 9: Reasons to Believe

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Aired: Monday, January 8, 2001

Rating: 8.3/12


Full synopsis by Jennifer W.

Written by David E. Kelley
Directed by Ron Lagomarsino

Special guest star Anne Heche as Melanie West

Guest starring
Anne Haney as Brandy Engbloom
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Richard McGonagle
Gregg Daniel
Paul Dooley as Nicholas Engbloom
Renee Goldsberry, Vatrena King & Sy Smith as singers
Luck Hari as Dr. Keshin
David Swift Brengle as foreman
Loretta Jean, Pauline H. Jones & Sylvia Davis Shaw as Senior Supremes
Featured music
"Reason to Believe" originally recorded by Rod Stewart, performed by Vonda Shepard (opening song & John working on his closing)
"Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" by Johnny Mathis (Larry & Brandy's dance)
"It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones (Fish & Mark dancing)
"RESPECT" by Aretha Franklin (Nelle says "it's respect," Fish & Mark dancing later)
"Come See About Me" originally by Diana Ross and the Supremes (flashback to retirement party)
"RESPECT" by Aretha Franklin performed by Lisa Nicole Carson (at the bar)
"Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" by Johnny Mathis performed by Vonda Shepard (closing song at the bar)

Anne Heche was amazing. That must have been so hard to play.

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