Quotes from Reasons to Believe

Melanie: I'd rather be thought of as a cold-blooded murderer than crazy, and if that makes me insane, I still don't want to plead it.

Richard: Oh, listen, I've been meaning to ask: how's Elaine in bed? It's just, y'know, I've always wanted to find out I've just been too afraid of, uh, catching something.

Larry: Hold on! Let's start out in nice civil tones and then build toward the anger.

Nicholas: I'm afraid of retirement... more than you could ever know. I'm just scared of... going dead inside. It's not that I don't love you, but it's not enough.

Richard: You need a sex song.
Mark: A sex song?
Richard: Yeah, John uses Barry White, I use Tom Jones. Does it help me, Lingo?
Ling: Amazing.

Elaine: How was it with Larry, y'know, the first?
Ally: Oh, it was so incredibly... private.

John: You want to tell me why you're smiling?
Melanie: You're quite funny.

Larry: I used to think I was Johnny Mathis in a prior life until I found out he's not dead.

Melanie: I guess a crime of passion just makes me seem more human.
John: No, it doesn't.

Nicholas: This is my real fear, John. If I'm at home all day, she'll finally figure out that I'm not good enough for her.

Larry: Brandy, is the case over?
Brandy: I don't like the word "over." I prefer the word "retired." There's big points in that word too, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Yes, there are.
Brandy: Larry, the case is over.

Nelle: If this keeps up, you and I are going to have to be friends.
Reneé: It'll never come to that.
Nelle: Promise?
Reneé: You'd don't fool me. If I offered you some of my jelly roll you'd step right up.
Nelle: How would you know? You've never offered.

John: Dancing is a quiet thing. If you're going to speak, let it be involuntary.

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