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Ally McBeal: The Official Guide "Ally McBeal: The Official Guide"
This book gives you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the show along with a complete guide to each episode, over 400 pictures, interviews with the actors and more.
  David E. Kelley: The Man Behind 'Ally McBeal "David E. Kelley: The Man Behind 'Ally McBeal'"
How did David Kelley, the man behind "Ally McBeal", become one of the most exciting writer/creator/producers working in television today? The real story behind the most important man in the lives of Michelle Pfeiffer and Ally McBeal.

Read more from the publisher, ECW Press.
That Lawyer Girl "That Lawyer Girl: The Unauthorized Guide to Ally's World"
This book is actually pretty good. It's got some interesting tidbits on each cast member, and even has some information on the second season. Plus, it's got a flip-the-pages dancing baby!
  Ally McBeal: The Totally Unauthorized Guide "Ally McBeal: The Totally Unauthorized Guide"
This is a cute book for Ally fans. It will probably end up in your unisex, but that's okay. It's still something fun to read.
Songs from Ally McBeal Songs from Ally McBeal
As best I can tell, this is actually the sheet music for songs used in the show, including, amongst others, "Searchin' My Soul" and "Tell Him."
  More Songs from Ally McBeal Heart and Soul: New Songs from Ally McBeal
The sheet music for more songs used in the show.
Soul Searching Soul Searching: The Unofficial Guide to the Life & Trials of Ally McBeal
By Mark Clapham and Jim Smith
This 288 page paperback, which will be released November 9th, 2000, covers the first three seasons of the show and offers a deep, witty and unofficial guide to Ally's world.

So far I can only find an Amazon listing on the British Amazon site
  Henderson the Rain King "Henderson the Rain King"
In the episode "The Kiss," Ally mentioned that this was her favorite book.

Boxed Set 97 on DVD Ally McBeal Boxed Set (1997) on DVD
Two disks that include the pilot episode (#1), "The Attitude" (#7), "Cro-Magnon" (#12), "Silver Bells" (#11), "Theme of Life" (#17), "The Playing Field" (#18), the music video of Vonda's "Searchin' My Soul," and an interactive tease of "The Official Guide to Ally McBeal."
  Boxed Set 97 on VHS Ally McBeal Boxed Set (1997) on VHS
Three tapes.

cover Pilot/Silver Bells (1997) on VHS
  cover Cro-Magnon/The Attitude (1997) on VHS
  cover Theme of Life/The Playing Field (1997) on VHS