About this site

April, 2001

This site was originally founded by Dana Bonistalli (she was Dana Hagerty when she started it). For that reason, in many places it is still referred to as "Dana's Ally McBeal Site." Before the beginning of the third season, Dana brought her site over to TKTV and became part of a larger collection of fan sites for lots of TV shows. After the end of third season, Dana decided to retire to concentrate on starting a family with her new husband. In June of 2000, TK, who runs TKTV, took over the management of the site and also launched a new design, keeping all of Dana's original content. In addition, Josh Bermont, who started out by writing summaries for the half-hour show "Ally" and then went on to help Dana with summaries for the third season of "Ally McBeal," became the primary summaries writer for the site. His duties were taken over by Jennifer part-way through the fourth season. Monique, who runs her own AOL Ally McBeal newsletter, also contributes much of the news.

If you notice any problems with the design or strange broken links or missing pictures, please email TK and let her know. Also, if you know of any news that is not included in the site and should be, email TK as well because she is not as well connected as Dana was.

Message from Dana (May, 2000): The time has come for me to retire from "Dana's Ally McBeal Page." The good news is this site will continue on. Josh Bermont will be providing his wonderful summaries next season and, hopefully, beyond. TK of TKTV will provide updates to the site and will send out the newsletter. I will also continue to answer some e-mail, but please be aware that it will not be answered as quickly as it was before. Thank you to everyone who has made my three years with this site an experience I will never forget!