Synopsis of Fear of Flirting

Written by Lauren Maffeo

Ally is standing in the elevator and walks into the office with her head down. She bumps into Elaine, who asks her if she's okay. Ally says she's perfectly fine, but she's talking really fast. She asks why Elaine asked if she's alright, and Elaine says Ally sounds clipped and has been walking around for days like this. But Ally walks away, still sounding "clipped", saying she's late for a staff meeting. Ally walks into Glenn and drops her papers. He helps her pick them up, and when they stand back up Ally says that keeping each other's distances from each other isn't working. Glenn agrees, saying it's making things worse. Ally doesn't want the two of them to walk into the meeting together, so she starts to make Glenn turn to go into the conference room first, only to run into Nelle, Coretta, Richard and Jenny.

In the staff meeting, Richard asks if anyone has seen the Buscuit. No one answers, so he says "Bygones" and moves along. Jenny says Raymond is being sued for sexual harassment by a different lawyer and has asked Jenny to defend him. Meanwhile, Ally and Glenn have been peaking at each other all through the meeting. Jenny notices and asks why they aren't looking at each other. Ally drops the plate of dougnuts she was holding and tells Richard to move along. He starts to talk, but Ally inturrupts and says she needs to talk to him. She proceeds to drag him into her office, but then tells him she doesn't need to talk to him about anything. Richard reminds Ally that she inturrupted the whole staff meeting, and Ally says she wants to take a few days off from work. Richard asks her if it's because of John, and then tells her how John left a note for Richard saying not to worry, he'd be back. Ally asks why he left and Richard says, "It could be another spa, could be he's tired...could be the obvious, he loved somebody deeply who couldn't love him back". He asks what happened, and Ally says, with a hint of regret and guilt on her face, that John told her he loved her deeply and she said she couldn't love him back. Richard asks if that's why Ally wants time off, and she says no. He asks if it's because of Glenn, saying that John also wrote in his letter, "P.S. Ally likes Glenn". Ally just says she's tired and she needs a few days to rest. Richard agrees.

Raymond walks off the elevator and bumps into Nelle. Nelle points out that one of them has to move, shouldn't it be the gentleman? Raymond replies that he's standing nose-to-nose with a drop-dead gorgeous woman, the gentleman would be a fool to move. Jenny yanks him aside and asks if it's any wonder he's being sued for sexual harassment. Raymond says he hired her, on top of being a good litigator, because he needs a cute girl with freckles that will move the jury. Jenny says she became a lawyer to do good asks how she can do that with a woman-chasing ape around her. Raymond says that if she's so open-minded, why won't she hear his side of the story? Jenny asks what his side is, and Raymond says he's guilty. Ally meanwhile, walks past them and into Glenn. Ally says she's becoming more and more attracted to him, but basically states that the attraction isn't worth pursuing. She trips, then leaves.

Jenny tells Raymond she can't win this case with her freckles, but Raymond assures her that juries go for cute, girly girls.Raymond begs her to help him, saying he needs her. Jenny agrees to help him.

Richard goes into a stall, peeks around, then goes into John's little hide-out, to see if he's there. He realizes John really is gone, and on the way out of the hide-out he bumps into Coretta, who immediately starts screaming. Richard backs into another stall, and Nelle comes out. Richard tries to explain that he was in John's "home away from home". He tells Nelle how John left him a note and that he's gone. Nelle looks horrified. Coretta, meanwhile, hasn't heard a word he said, she's still freaked out about what happened.

A woman Raymond "harassed" is on the stand, and things aren't looking good. Later, Jenny tells him he can't push a woman's button. He doesn't understand that his business is no longer a boy's club. Jenny, as a friend, tells Raymond he has a problem.

Ally is in her office and Glenn comes in. Ally tells him that she doesn't want to go out with him not because she wouldn't have fun, but because he's a boy. She says this would just be frolic and to hurt Jenny, it would have to be for something better.

Jenny agrues in court saying that a woman dresses a bit sexy for men anyway, but the woman points that there's a line you don't cross. Later, Jenny tells Raymond she asked one question too many but Raymond thinks she did fine. Raymond demonstrates a kiss that he made to another woman to Jenny. They almost kiss, but Raymond walks away.

At the bar, Raymond tells Glenn he almost kissed Jenny during a demonstration. Raymond says he might want to go out with her and Glenn gets upset. He says he doesn't want to see Jenny hurt. Raymond also tells Glenn he doesn't have a chance with Ally because she's grown up and they're not yet men.

Glenn comes into Jenny's office and asks her what she thinks about Glenn. She tells him that is he wants to go out with Ally, he can. She sees the glances they give each other, and says that Glenn is guilty because he doesn't want to hurt Jenny by dating Ally. He'd feel less guilty if Jenny was dating somebody. Glenn says he was in there telling Jenny Raymond wanted to date her, so much for her little theory.

Richard is moving into John's hole. Nelle wonders if he should seriously do this, and Richard says he got an e-mail from John saying to move into his hole. Nelle asks if he's the least bit concerned. Richard says he is, but there's not much he can really do.

In court, it turns out that Raymond uses strategy to throw off the opposing council. He used sexual advances to get his way.

Jenny is in Ally's apartment, and tells Ally how great Raymond was, and that she's attracted to him. Ally is uninterested until the last thing Jenny says. Jenny says he seemed cute in court. She says that she wanted Raymond to kiss her. Ally replies that as whole, men are a dumb sex. Jenny asks if there's one reasonable guy out there. Ally says there is, but he's in Detroit. She points out that Jenny could do worse.

At the bar, Nelle is really worried about John. She thinks they should go to his house or the police, and Elaine agrees. Richard thinks John is just being eccentric, but he vows to go to hid house the next day. Nelle points out that he walked around wearing that ridiculous body suit, and Coretta coughs, "bitch". Meanwhil, Raymond tells Glenn he wants to sing. Glenn asks how the testimony went, and Raymond says he showed the jury the real him. Glenn gives Raymond permission to date Jenny if he wants, but he tells him to treat her well.

In court, Jenny gives her closing argument, and she is indeed a good "closer". Ally is back at the therapist's office, saying she's finding herself weaker. The therapist stands up, holds out his hand, and asks Ally to dance with him. He turns on music and she and obligedly dances with him. The music suddenly becomes very fast and they start flying around the room.

Raymond and Jenny are discussing possibly going out. Jenny points that she's not seeing Glenn anymore and the field is open when they get word that the jury is back. Raymond has been found guilty by the jury and is ordered to pay the defendant 75 cents Raymond says they should celebrate, and soon Raymond is singing at the bar. Jenny says he's pretty good. Richard and Nelle are talking about John again, and now Nelle thinks one possibility is that Melanie kidnapped or ran away with him. Richard still refuses to believe anything bad.

Ally is still with the therapist, who points out that it's Friday night and he has a life. He asks if they can resume the meeting on Monday, and Ally agrees. He does tell her to go home, do her hair, and put on a pretty dress like she was going on a date.

Raymond is walking Jenny home. Jenny says she's not inviting Raymond in, and he says he wouldn't go in if she invitied him. Jenny thanks him for everything, and they share a long kiss. Ally manwhile is dressed up in a pretty dress and sitting on the couch by herself, looking more lonely than ever.

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