Synopsis of Neutral Corners

Written by Lauren Maffeo and edited by TK

Raymond tells Glenn that even though he's been teasing Ally by asking her out while they are opposing council, he thinks that he might actually be interested in her. Glenn encourages Raymond to ask Ally out for real after the case is over, even though he honestly doesn't think that Ally and Raymond would be a good couple.

The Phone company has offered Jenny a settlement, which she says is "unacceptable." Ally and Glenn push Jenny to take the settlement, but she refuses. Ally comes up with the idea of doing a Public Service Announcement about the phone company's harrassment to recruit more people to class. They show the P.S.A to opposing council and threaten to put it on air. Glenn demands $15 million and Simon and Raymond reluctantly agree to it. This is the biggest settlement in the firm's history, and it actually makes Richard sob with joy.

John comes back from a week at a spa and everyone gapes at him when he walks in looking muscle-bound. He recieves many compliments, but he ignores them because he feels ridiculous. On Richard's advice, he decides to be a man and tell Ally the truth about how he feels. Even if she rejects him, at least he gave it a chance. John pulls Ally aside and maturely tells her that he's in love with her. She maturely tells him back that she could never love him romantically because she's not physically attracted to him.

The settlement is over, and Glenn comes into Ally's office. He tells her that even though he denied it before, he's interested in her. They carefully go over all the options, but they realize they couldn't possibly get together because it would hurt Jenny too much.

Ling has a going-away party from the firm now that she's a judge and insists that Glenn sing for her at the bar because he's the only person who can sing other than Elaine, and Elaine is just a secretary.

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