Synopsis of Judge Ling

Written by Lauren Maffeo and edited by TK

It's the day before the Class Action suit against the phone companies, and Glenn and Jenny are dancing downstairs at the bar like nothing's going to happen. Everyone else in the firm talks about being young as they look on with regret at their colleagues. Raymond joins the table and hits on all the women. Ally plans to throw a drink at him, but Glenn holds her back. This makes Jenny tell Ally that she thinks Ally wants Glenn. The music stops just in time for everyone to hear Ally say, "I do not want to sleep with Glenn!"

The next day, on the street, Ling pretends to admire a woman's twin babies [my own governor and her twins, Jane Swift]. The Massachusetts governer is so touched by Ling's tenderness towards the babies that she appoints her to a judgeship. A small claims judge, Ling gives no mercy to the plantiffs before her. She rules in favor of a local TV station, and the manager is so impressed with Ling that he offers her her own TV show.

Ally and Jenny's class action suit is in jeopardy when their name client, Claire, turns out to be an overly eccentric older woman (in drag) with purple hair and a fake British accent who makes an unconvincing case for the lawsuit. Jenny gets upset that she didn't meet Claire in advance before making her the name plaintiff. The Judge dismisses the case, but it's still a win for Ally, Jenny and Glenn when the judge says that due to something Claire said, he thinks they should refile the suit as a nuisance case.

John is still pondering his thoughts about Ally, wondering what to do and feeling loveless. Coretta offers to give him a man makeover and gives him a bodysuit which emphazises all the muscles he doesn't actually have. He tells everyone he's going away to a spa for a week so that he can add the fake muscles without anyone noticing.

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