Synopsis of One Hundred Tears

Written by Sharon Benton

This week's episode begins with Ally and Elaine walking down a street with construction workers and they see Victor (Jon Bon Jovi's character) bending over and as they walk by Ally can't resist the temptation to take a sniff. (we remember that she sniffed Billy's butt when they were young) She can't believe that she did this and tells Elaine never to tell anyone. Elaine says fine no one would believe it but him and she turns around and Victor standing behind her says "can I sniff yours now?"

The next scene is Ally going into a jail cell to meet with a man who starts trial the same day. She says do we know each other but he says not really and tells her that he knew the second he saw her she could fly and that he wanted her as his lawyer. He wants to fly off the roof of his childhood home.

We next see the office group, meeting with the matchmaker and filling out paper work telling what they want in a mate. They all give John Cage the business about liking Ally and he walks out. He meets Fish in the bathroom where they discuss how lonely they are. He admits to John that he is and John asks if a matchmaker isn't a little bit desperate.

We see Ally in court and the trial begins. The people who own her client's old home are trying to get the courts to stop this man from breaking into their home and trying to fly off their roof. Ally wants to claim insanity but he will not let her. He asks Ally what happened to her, she was a flyer and she should know what he is feeling. She admits that she dreamed she could fly but she doesn't do that anymore. He asks Ally when she tries to escape is that when she flies? She gets him out on bail. As she walks back she runs into Victor and apologizes for sniffing. He, on the other hand, tells her that he and his men don't want to be treated as sex objects. She explains that she did this as a child. She tells him she is sorry and says nice to see you.

Ally meets with her client's sister and she says her brother is crazy. He can't hold a job and his obsession with flying is ruining his life. We find out that, as a child, he escaped from his parents fighting and any unpleasantness by trying to fly. She meets him in his apartment and sees all the flying materials he has trying to make flight easier on him. He explains that he thinks he can make the flight across the river that his window as a child overlooks. He tells Ally that when he looked at her in court she reminded him of Dulcinea. She looks at him in surprise and tells him her father use to sing that to her when she was growing up. He asks her to tell him about when she use to fly.

Back in the bathroom, John and some of the women are discussing the match making. He informs the matchmaker that he doesn't want her services. She tells him his friends love him and want to help him. The matchmaker tells the girls John needs an intervention.

In court the flying man is on the stand and tells the court about dreaming of flying. Ally goes off in a dream world remembering her childhood. He tells how he use to stand by his bedroom window trying to drown them out she sees herself as he tells the story and we see her flying. The judge has to bring Ally back to reality and she asks why he started going back to the house as an adult. He tells how he has to fly across that river. He says in the last ten years the obsession to fly has come back and he feels the failures in life have resulted in not accomplishing flying. He has to prove to himself that he can fly. His parents would say to him that he would never be successful because he was off, that he never put his mind to anything. He says the only thing he has put his mind to is flying across that river.

We see the group in the bar and Fish is stroking the wattle of a very old woman. Cage and the others are sitting at the table watching. John can't believe he is doing this. The matchmaker walks up and tells Elaine she has a date for her. (Oh my gosh) It's Victor! (Bon Jovi) she tells him good to see him again upright this time. She asks if he has a last name but that last names to her are optional. She tells him that she sings and asks him if he would like to hear her sing. That doesn't start the meeting off too well with him.

Ally goes to tell the flying man that the people are willing to drop the charges if he will never do it again but he tells her that Don Quijote rose up again even after having failures and that he can't accept the offer. Ally tells him that he described her perfectly as a child. She talked to one of his doctors and there is medicine to help him. He asks if she talked to the doctor treating him for cancer. Time is important to him now, and before he goes he has to fly.

We see Elaine singing a Flashdance song and doing her thing for Victor who is not impressed at all. We see Fish dancing with a woman with a walker. John Cage is having a cow that Elaine is doing this and that Fish is with this woman.

Back to Ally: The flyer guy tells her that he is getting weaker and has to fly before it's too late. He wants one lousy jump. Ally tells his sister that she is going to fight for this. She is going nuts and doesn't know that he is sick. He breaks down and tells her that he has cancer. She is shocked and he explains that the doctors are hopeful but his flying days would be over. He is asking her not to fight this. He wants to fly. She asks if the homeowners have agreed. Ally says yes and that it had to be today. The sister asks to see the new and improved wings and says she will see him there.

Victor comes to the office to break it off with Elaine. Ally asks why and he says, "Ally, she sang to me," but Ally tells him he can't do that it would break her heart if she thought he didn't like her singing. She could take any other reason but not that he didn't like her singing. Elaine walks in and Victor tells her that he came to see her and asks her out to dinner.

The next scene is the board room and most of the firm is doing an intervention on Cage. They all break out in song singing, "We gotta get you a woman." Very funny scene. John, of course, is appalled that they are doing this. The whole office is involved and even Elaine gets into it while Victor watches on the sideline in shock.

We next see Ally and the fly boy at the window of his childhood home overlooking the river. Ally and he talk about his room that dreams were made of. Ally sees him as a child and then sees herself staring out the window. He explains that these wings are much better and how he knew the second he saw her that she would help him fly. He tells her when the time comes to be waiting on the other side, that's where he will be coming down. His sister and Ally head to the other side of the river while EMTs are waiting also. Ally tells him she feels like she has known him forever. No matter what happens up there promise you want stop flapping. Then he tells her, "Ally we have known each other forever."

John confronts Fish about the intervention. Fish admits they are getting older and no closer to IT. If falling in love and having a family is it or not this is not IT.

As the fly boy stands on the roof, wings spread, Ally throws grass up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. He stands worried but excited and starts flapping. His sister and Ally chant "don't stop flapping" and he asks, looking up, "just give it to me once." He takes a running leap of the roof and flapping his heart out glides across the river as Ally and his sister smile and urge him on. As he gets close to the end he gets tired and slows down but makes it to the other side and falls flat. He is so excited that he made it that he dances a little dance. They ask if he's okay and he says my arms are a little tired but I flew. Then he collapses. They do CPR on him as Ally and his sister look on, horrified.

Ally is in her office when his sister comes in with the news. He died of a heart attack the because his cancer treatments had weakened his heart. She thanks Ally for helping him fullfill his dream of flying. The look on his face was the happiest she ever saw him, and she would never forget and never forget her giving him that moment. My brother flew. She says she will see her at the funeral. Ally says I am sorry for your loss and sister says I am sorry for yours he said you knew each other for a long time. Ally says YEAH. They fade back and she turns to look out the window as Vonda Sheppard sings. We see a young Ally staring out the window.

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