Review of Fear of Flirting

Written by Lauren Maffeo

Well, this episode was better. I liked it much more than the others. Vondha's back and I can't tell you how relieved I am about that! I thought she may be gone for good if her name weren't still in the opening credits.

I like how Nelle was concerned for John. After they broke up in Season 3, I never thought she's be worried or concerned for him again. Obviously I was wrong. It was nice to know she cared. I can see why Richard was so at ease over John though, it would be like him to just take off for a few days after a crisis [not that that's a bad thing].

I liked Jenny a lot more in this episode. In the other ones she acted like a little kid and I hated that. In this episode she was acting mature and sensitive and I liked that. I just don't like the relationship between her and Raymond. Mainly because I don't like Raymond! Just as Jenny is a mini-Ally, I feel Raymond is a mini-Richard.

Where was Elaine? Oh, well, at least they brought Nelle back. But they really do need to start focusing on Elaine more, and even Coretta for that matter. This is getting a bit pathetic, there are so many characters they can't even address them all!

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