Review of Neutral Corners

Written by Lauren Maffeo

I apoligize for the past two reviews being so short and uninvolving. I had play practice both this and last week and they lasted past 9:00 pm. The reviews will be better next week. I got these past two from the Ally McBeal official website.

Poor John! I strongly believe he is in love with Ally, and that Ally is the one for him. On the other hand, Ally is right, there is just no heat between them and the storyline would be boring. I still feel bad for John though, if anyone is right for him, it is Ally.

I, along with pracically every other AM fan, hope that Ally and Glenn DO NOT hook up. But God knows they will, that's just how this show works. I don't think it'll last though.

THANK GOD that stupid phone lawsuit is almost over!

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