Review of Judge Ling

Written by Lauren Maffeo

This phone case is really getting on my nerves, it's sooo stupid. Hopefull it'll be gone next show.

I have mixed feelings about Ling as a judge. She's probably make a good one, but on the other hand, she doesn't quite fit the part.

Jenny is so annoying! I don't like how she keeps bugging Ally with all her "You think he's cute" junk. I know the firm all wants to be younger, but Jenny acts like a 14 year-old ditz.

Where is Elaine, where is Vhonda, where is Nelle? It's not fair to replace old better characters with stupid new ones.

Sorry if it seems like I'm picking on the show. It's just really annoying how less creative it's gotten over the years. The show is WAY overpopulated.

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