Review of Friends and Lovers

Written by Lauren Maffeo

Ugh! I did not care for this episode at all. Elaine has turned into Cinderella, taking Ally's and Jenny's scooters from them. Ling was seen once after the first office meeting of the day, and Nellie was gone completely after that. It's fine to add new characters, but not if it means pushing the other character away.

WAY too much time was spent in the therapist's office, that was every other scene and it was BORING and TOO MUCH. [PS If anyone knows the therapist's name please e-mail me so I don't have to say "The Therapist" for the rest of the season.]

I really hope Ally and Glenn don't work out, though I think they will just cause that is the type of thing that happens on this show. I don't want her to hook up with Ray either, I want her to strive towards independence.

I liked Coretta and Glenn, but not Jenny. She was a big nuisance and I didn't like how she was so much like Ally. Not as a person, but the way her hair was the same and the way she followed Ally on her scooter. Also, I do not like the Jenny-Glenn relationship, haven't we seen the whole ex-lovers-working-as-friends scenario before?

I miss Renee!

As you can see, I was not pleased with this first episode. Hopefully next week, which shows the possibility of a Judge Ling [?]! will be better.

Oh, and Jenny's case about the phone company? Pitiful and stupid.

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