Quotes from Lost and Found

Ally: When I dance I can get...
Milter: ...hot.
Ally: ...sizzling.

Ally: I'm afraid that he's gonna think I'm one of those... y'know...
Milter: Penis taunters?
Ally: Yes.

Richard: Ling's syndicated television show begins airing today, for all of you who longed to control the volume when she speaks.

Ally: I'm sure he's not going to want some woman who just jumps into bed with every Tom, Dick and Larry... Harry.

Glenn: Why not sleep with me if for no other reason than to find out what you were missing out on in college?
Ally: Hm. Well, uh, statements like that convince that I was missing nothing.

Richard: A judge can't order that.
Nancy: Well, he did.
Richard: Well, that's against that, uh, thing... tell her, Corretta.
Corretta: The Constitution.
Richard: Exactly.

Nelle: Believe that? Treat people rotten enough and eventually somebody will put you on television.

John: How do you know about my hole?

Ally: Elaine, it's Jenny's birthday. Do you think that you could possibly do a number in the bar?
Elaine: Absolutely.
Ally: Aw, you're such a giver.

Ling: It used to be women stripped naked to have a chance at greatness, now you have to do great things to have a chance to strip naked.

Ally: You seem sad.
John: Well, Richard violated my hole.
Ally: Hm. Well, let it heal?

Ally: Did you, uh, strip naked for a semi-nude layout?
Ling: My character wasn't growing enough.

Raymond: You're cute, in a slutty way.
Elaine: And men on the rebound just love me.

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