Quotes from Neutral Corners

Milter: It's been said, "Sex is the gateway of life."
Ally: Who said that?
Milter: It doesn't matter.

Milter: Lust. Lust is good.
Ally: It is?
Milter: Oh, yes. It's part of love.

Ally: I haven't a clue as to what you're saying.
Milter: Drink the sweet nectar of the forbidden fruit. Navigate the passage.
Ally: Again, more clearly.
Milter: It's only when you surrender to your want that you'll be able to clarify what it is you truly need.
Ally: You're telling me again to go to the boy.
Milter: Oh, yes.

Ally: Ling, do you think that after you finish the shoot that I could borrow the camera crew?
Ling: Sure, I can be generous when it doesn't cost me anything.

John: You ever have a problem with being profoundly ridiculous?
Richard: Never.

Claire: I've always found the funny thing about love is that it's the one game you lose by refusing to play.

Nelle: Could you sing tonight at the bar for Ling?
Glenn: I don't even know her.
Nelle: I understand. The problem is, others do.

John: Well, that's the trouble, I suppose, in coming to people with honesty. They sometimes counter with it.

Ally to Glenn: I just don't trust myself to be walked home by you.

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