Quotes from Judge Ling

Ally: Remember being young, having fun?
John: No.

John: Don't you have a huge day tomorrow on your telephone case?
Jenny: Yes. So?
John: You think opposing council is out tonight celebrating? I mean, what are you celebrating?
Jenny: I don't know, dad, that it's nighttime?

Raymond: You know, I love fake blondes. I'm artificial.

Ally: I do not want to sleep with Glenn!

Ling: Oh, I so prefer the deaf to the blind.

Ling: Makes you just want to quit the law and breed. Ling Woo, birth mother.

Richard: You seem a little testy. Is everying all right?
John: My life is loveless. Move along.

Jenny to Ally: When I grow up I want to be you.

Ling: Judge Ling... I like it.

Raymond: What, are we late?
Jenny: No, we're just running a little... late.

Richard: She's already sworn in?
Nelle: Yeah, last night.
Richard: I keep thinking it must be a trick.
Nelle: Mm-hmm, on mankind.

Ling: Pamela Whoop?
Pamela: "Hoop." The W is silent.
Ling: When you say it, maybe.

Todd to Ling: I mean, think of it, we'll pay you to be a bitch.
Nelle: And she's happy being one for free.

Jenny: I mean, look at them, they're like little kids. Why is it we say we're looking for mature responsible partners when we're attracted to bratty two-year-olds?

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