Quotes from One Hundred Tears

Harvey: I knew it the second I saw you. You can fly.
Ally: Why would you think that?
Harvey: Because you've done it.

Richard: In light of world events, values have changed.
John: Your values have changed?
Richard: Mine? God, no. But women's. They don't care so much about money anymore, which renders you and I a lot less attractive.

Harvey: Insanity? How am I insane?
Ally: Well, um... you... you think that you can... um... fly.
Harvey: What happened to you?

Harvey: You talked to one of my doctors?
Ally: Yes.
Harvey: The one treating me for cancer? You see, time has suddenly become of the essence, Ally. And before I go, I damn well will fly over that river.

Harriet: That man needs an intervention. If he won't go to love, then love needs to go to him.

Ally: You were her date?
Victor: I've done crazier things, none of which come to mind right now.

Ally: I feel like I've known you forever.
Harvey: Ally, I'm not dying. I mean, I might be. But not today.

Harvey: Ally, we have known each other forever.

Marie: Flap hard, Harvey. Flap like the madman you are.

Harvey: There's a saying which I'm blanking on at the moment.
Cop: "Now or never?"
Harvey: That would work.

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