Quotes from Friends and Lovers

Ally: I've come to a point in my life where deep deep down I long to be... a mentor.
Milter: Oh, dear God, no.

Ally: He's so GQ. Puke.

Ally: What do they call those people who relive their lives over and over again?
Milter: The clinical word?
Ally: Yes.
Milter: Pathetic.
Ally: Right. Right, well... well, I'm not one to relive my past problems, thank you very much. I've committed this year to new disasters.

Milter: You said you wanted to talk about the girl...
Ally: Jenny.
Milter: But you keep bringing up the boy.

John: Ally loves me.

John: Richard.
Richard: One second, John.
John: It can't wait another second, I'm irreparably fraught.

Jenny: You thought he was cute.
Ally: I... I did not.
Jenny: You did. You looked down to give your outfit a quick glance-over. I know, I do that too. When I meet a cute guy I check my outfit and my breasts, to make sure they're still there.

Milter: It's not the man who makes the man, Allison, it's the woman.

Milter: Libido is a thirst, Allison. Best to quench it. You can do so without him actually in the room? Much neater.

Ally: Sorry.
John: It's all right, pork chop.
Ally: Pork chop?

John: She's magic. She understands loneliness, she's afriad, she's not afraid to be afraid. She's just magic.

Richard: I'm deep.
John: Deep? You don't even have an outer core. You end at the mantle!

Glenn: Jenny, you're always the one who breaks it off.
Jenny: Because you're a pig and a schemer and a clown and all you care about is sports and you're impossible to live with. You're impossible to be with. But you're not impossible to love.

Jenny: Oh, this is for me. "Lady is a Tramp." That's what he used to call me, his little tramp.
Ally: Oh, how romantic.

Ally: Who am I today?
Milter: It would only be a guess.
Ally: Take it.
Milter: Somebody who desperately wants love but who no longer believes in it.

Milter: You really want that boy.

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