Synopsis of The Wedding

Written by Jennifer W.

Ally, as a little girl, brings her broken Ken doll to her mother and tells her his head is broken. Her mom tells her it is because they don't make the men as strong as the women and she throws him in the trash can. Ally lies awake in bed, back in "reality" and sees the dancing baby in a tux and top hat dancing and singing a song-"never, never, never gonna get married..." Ally sits up and throws a shoe at him. The baby becomes a little cupid with wings. Ally coaxes the baby over to her and then tries to hit him with a tennis racket. The baby turns into a dragon! She screams and her mother comes into the room, worried. Ally tells her she was having a bad dream. Ally lies about what the dream was about and tells her mom she is "fine". Her mother kisses her cheek, obviously worried, and leaves the room. Ally throws the covers over her head and pouts.

At the morning meeting, Richard introduces Jane to everyone. John is pleased to see her there. The ladies don't understand why he hired her. John tells everyone that Jane is there to bring warmth to the office. Richard assigns Ally a new case. When she asks what it is about, he says he doesn't know. He says he is giving it to her since he figured she could use the distraction. Ally says she is fine, but when she looks up she sees Billy instead of Richard. Ally then imagines Jackson singing "You've Got A Friend". Elaine walks in, wearing an all black outfit and a black hat with veil, and tells Ally her appointment is there to see her. Ally asks Elaine why she is dressed like that. Elaine fiends innocence.

Ally introduces herself to Reverend Harris and Malcolm Wyatt. She recognizes Rev. Harris as the person the firm hired as a expert witness on the cloning case. Rev. Harris brought Malcolm to see a lawyer because he feels Malcolm has a strong case. Malcolm asked this girl to be his date to the prom way back in the fall and suddenly she announces that she is going with someone else. He wants Ally to get a court order to make the girl live up to her promise to attend the prom with Malcolm. Ally tells Malcolm that in order to get a court order, they would have to show irreparable harm has been done. Malcolm looks very sad. Malcolm tells Ally that he and the girl have been best friends since the ninth grade and he is in love with her. He doesn't think he could ever love anybody else. Ally isn't sure she can accept this case. The Reverend asks her to please try and then asks to speak to her in private. He tells her that Malcolm is agoraphobic and it was a huge thing to ask this girl to the prom. He was even planning on singing a song to the girl during the prom. He is afraid of how Malcolm will suffer if the girl, Andrea, doesn't go to the prom with him. Ally reluctantly agrees to take the case to court. He tells Ally the girl's lawyer is Larry Paul. Ally is speechless.

At the bar, Jane and Richard dance. Ling and Nelle look on disapprovingly. John tries to convince Ally to call Larry, but she says she can't. She agrees to dance with John and tells him how much she appreciates his friendship. Ally reacts sadly to the song being sung and tells John she has to leave.

Renee asks Ally if Larry has called and she tells her 'no'. Renee plays the song for Ally that she used to always play for her. Ally sadly sings along. Renee tells Ally she will beat this. "I know I will," she says, "but first, I have to beat him in court."

Ally walks into the courthouse and sees Corretta come off the elevator. Ally doesn't understand what Corretta is doing there. Corretta asks if Ally has heard from Larry. Ally says 'no'. Corretta tells her he went back to Detroit to live, but not with "her" (his ex-girlfriend). Ally is shocked that he gone.

In court, Corretta argues that you cannot sue a girl just because she decides not to go to the prom with you. But Ally argues that the girl promised to go and broke that promise. Judge Walsh says Malcolm can sue for money damages but Ally says that money isn't at issue here. Judge Walsh doesn't see where the irreparable harm is in this case. Ally tells him that Malcolm, who is agoraphobic, could suffer irreparable social consequences. Corretta argues that everyone gets their heart broken and they need to get over it. Ally stares at her. Judge Walsh says Malcolm must takes the stand if he has any chance of winning this case. On the stand, Malcolm says he thought he got over the rejection but then realized that Andrea was the one for him. He also says that he told everyone she was going with him and they will laugh when they find out she is not. Judge Walsh offers him his sympathy but says he cannot grant him a court order to make her go to the prom with him.

Outside the courtroom, Ally tells Malcolm that they really had no chance of winning the case. She gives him a brief description of her Billy and Larry losses and tells him that even though she can't imagine ever finding someone that she loves as much as Larry, she knows she will be loved again and that she will love again. Malcolm doesn't look hopeful. She tells Malcolm that he still has to believe in love.

Jane greets Ling with a "hello" and a smile. Ling ignores her. Jane runs into Richard and he asks how everything is going. She tells him everything is fine but she thinks the firm is very cold. She doesn't understand why everyone is so cold there since Richard and John are so great. Richard realizes she has a point.

Ally sits in church thinking. Malcolm interrupts her and she tells him she came by to talk to him. She tells him that he should sing at the prom because he is obviously a great singer. He says he wanted to sing because he didn't want the other kids to make fun of Andrea for going to the prom with him. "I figured if they saw I was good at something, they wouldn't make fun of her," he explains. He tells her he is not going to go to the prom alone. Ally says she will go to the prom with him as long as he sings. He agrees.

Richard is sad. John wonders what is wrong. He tells him that the firm is a cold place. "We used to all be friends. We used to care about each other. We used to hang out at the bar," Richard explains. John says they still hang out at the bar. Richard disagrees and says that although he wanted to make lots of money when they decided to create their firm, he wanted to be surrounded with a little go with his money. John says what Jane is referring to, and what Richard is feeling, is that everyone at the firm doesn't live "emotionally". Richard says they need to fix that because he wants the firm to be about compassion. John agrees with him that it is time for a change...a big one.

Ally is at the dress shop looking around. She stares at the mannequins dressed in a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. They start to sing. Ally stares in shock and then puts her head in her hands. The saleswoman comes back with the dress and Ally looks up-the mannequins aren't moving.

Richard asks Ally if he and Jane can go to the prom with her. Ally reluctantly says 'yes'. Elaine tells Ally that her dad is waiting for her downstairs at the bar. She goes down and sits next to him on the piano bench. Ally tells him what a great guy Larry was and that he was just in a lot of pain. She says that Larry used to write her songs just like her dad use to. They sing a song together and they flashback to when Ally was a little girl and they used to do the same thing. Back in reality, her dad tells her it is ok to cry. She says she is doing fine, as she lays her head on his shoulder.

Elaine helps Ally get ready for the prom. When Elaine goes into the other room for a second, Ally looks into the mirror and sees Billy. She asks him why he hasn't come around as much as he used to this year. He says it is because she hasn't called him or needed him. She asks if he thinks she needs him now. Billy says, "No. I was just checking in". Ally wonders if he can give God a little message for her. Billy says "absolutely not" and smiles. She asks why he is there to see her. "I came to share a little bit of classified information with you. You have a very happy life ahead of you," he says. She says she never doubted that. He smiles and tells her he loves her. Ally thanks him. She looks down as Elaine walks in and looks up to see that Billy is gone. Malcolm walks in and tells Ally she looks beautiful. They leave for the prom.

KC and the Sunshine Band are performing at the prom. Ally and Malcolm are dancing when a girl comes up and asks Ally if she is his mother. "I'm his mistress," Ally says, as she continues to dance. Richard and Jane show the "children" how to do The Hustle. Everyone follows along. Malcolm is starting to chicken out about singing his solo. Ally convinces him everything is going to be ok. He gets on stage and looks into the crowd. No one is paying attention. The music starts and Ally hushes the crowd. Malcolm begins to sing and everyone begins to quiet down as his beautiful voice touches them. He sings this wonderful love song and Ally is mesmerized. She pictures herself alone in the room as Malcolm continues to sing, obviously thinking about Larry and everything she has been through. After his song, everyone is speechless and then they begin to clap and whoop for him.

Malcolm walks Ally home and she tells him what a wonderful voice he has and what a gift it is to have it. He thanks her for coming to the prom with him and for talking him into singing. Ally says she had a wonderful time. She tells him he will meet somebody, as she will. "'Til then," he says. She smiles and kisses him on the cheek. Ally walks alone on the street as Richard and Jane leave the prom hand-in-hand.

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