Synopsis of Queen Bee

Written by Jennifer W.

A new client, Sydney Gale, walks into the firm and everyone seems mesmerized. She is there to meet with Richard about her case. When she speaks to introduce herself, Richard starts to stutter and lose track of his thoughts. They go into Richard's office. She tells him she is being sued for sexual harassment. This woman oozes sex and Richard can't help but be drawn to her. She doesn't do anything to stop him from feeling this way-she actually encourages it by asking him if he has ever sucked on a woman's toes before. He says no, but would like to suck her's. She tries to continue explaining her case-she runs an ad agency, employs only men, and likens herself to being a Queen Bee-but Richard cannot resist her. She lets him suck her toes.

At the morning meeting, everyone wonders who the new client is. He tells them about the case and says him and John are taking the case. Richard wants Ally to take the other case involving Lisa Knowles and Reverend Mark Newman. Ally refuses because she is friends with Lisa. Richard then assigns Nelle and Jackson to the case.

John cannot believe that Richard sucked on Sydney's toes within five minutes of meeting her. Richard tries to explain to John that she has some kind of sexual power, but John doesn't buy it. Just then, Sydney walks in and John finds himself entranced also. She asks if John would like to see her toe. John has a silly look on his face, unable to speak.

Reverend Newman explains to Nelle and Jackson that he has a new girlfriend, Buttons, who is also in the choir and Lisa is very jealous. During the church service, Lisa will sing hostile songs directed at Buttons and so Buttons, fighting back, will sing back at Lisa. The legal issue is, Lisa wants him to fire Buttons because she isn't suppose to be a soloist and Buttons wants him to fire Lisa because she is being hostile. He wants to fire Lisa but since he has dated her, he is afraid of being sued for sexual harassment. Nelle and Jackson reluctantly agree to go to the church service tonight to observe what the Reverend is talking about.

In court, Mr. Jacobs, the man who is suing Sydney Gale, is on the stand being questioned by his attorney, Mr. Mathers. Mr. Jacobs testifies that the agency was like a monarchy, everyone worked for her, but they also "craved her". "I don't know how she does it, but we all lust after her and most of us have had sexual contact with her," he testifies. Mr. Mathers doesn't believe that over 100 men, who are employed there, lust after Sydney. "For whatever reason, bringing her pleasure, any kind of pleasure, is very gratifying," Mr. Jacobs says. He says he wanted to stop, since he is getting married and cannot be involved with another woman, and when he told Sydney that, she fired him. John cross-examines. "Were you required to have sex with her?" John asks. Mr. Jacob replies no. He admits that he not only asked to stop with the sexual contact, he requested that there be no contact at all between them. John doesn't understand how he expected to work at an agency and not have contact with his boss. "To have contact with her, is to obsess," he replies. John wonders why Mr. Jacobs didn't just leave his job. Mr. Jacobs stutters and admits he didn't want to leave his job because he didn't want to leave her (Sydney). He says he never had sexual intercourse with her but he would lick her forearm. (Richard looks uncomfortable in his chair thinking of how great it would be to lick Sydney's forearm.) He also testifies that she wouldn't ask him to lick her forearm, he would ask her, beg her, to let him do it.

At the church, Reverend Newman is giving his sermon. The music starts as the choir gets up to sing. Lisa sings a song which includes the lyrics, "I would rather see you dead little girl, than to see you with my man" and "You better run for your life if you can little girl, you better hide your head in the sand little girl". As she sings, she smirks at the Reverend. Buttons, obviously thinking that Lisa is singing directly to her, starts singing her own verse-"Baby, I am determined and I would rather see you dead". They continue to banter in song, as the Reverend hides his head. Nelle and Jackson are convinced there is a problem.

Back at the office, Richard and John study a tape on bees and how they work...and mate with the Queen Bee. Jackson, who is convinced he can get Lisa and Buttons to see eye-to-eye because he is "smooth", decides to meet with them. Nelle isn't convinced that Jackson's so-called "smoothness" will work.

Sydney takes the stand and is being questioned by Richard. She testifies that she runs her company like a bee hive because the worker bees service the queen and because it is the most collaborative colonization system. All working for one...and she happens to be that one. She says it works extremely well. And she admits that sex is kind of a part of the success there because it motivates the drone bees. When a drone bee wants sex, she finds it is the best motivator. Sydney discovered she had this "power" with men when she was in high school. She says she gives off a pheromone, which the Queen Bee does, which make men want to copulate with her. Mr. Mathers cross-examines. She tells him that she doesn't mate with all of her employees, but she does with a fair number of them. Syndey also states that she tells her perspective employees, during the interview process, they should not come to work for her unless hey are prepared to desire her. Judge Walsh asks if she expects all her male employees to have sex with her. "No, I just expect them to want to," she says, as she looks at Mr. Mathers, who seems to be falling under Sydney's spell.

In the elevator, Sydney takes out her gum and gives it to Richard. He tries to resist putting it in his mouth. Richard puts the gum in the folder he is carrying as John jealously looks on. Sydney goes off to the unisex, while John and Richard talk in his office. John doesn't understand why he is drawn to Sydney. This behavior isn't like him since he normally has to have an emotional connection to a woman to sleep, or do anything else, with her. But right now, he just has the overwhelming urge to ravish Sydney. Richard just wants to have ten minutes with her toes. John begs Richard to never let him be alone with Sydney because he doesn't know if he could resist her.

In the conference room, Jackson, Nelle, Reverend Newman, Buttons, Lisa, and Lisa's "emotional representative", Helene Parks, are meeting. Ms. Parks quickly decides she doesn't like Nelle or Jackson very much. She misconstrues everything they say as a personal insult and claims Nelle "keeps interrupting her" and Jackson "is a pretty boy and nobody likes a pretty boy". Ms. Parks, who is obviously running the meeting, doesn't fall for Jackson's smooth talking. She says that if the Reverend fires Lisa, they will sue him for sexual harassment and Lisa will continue to sing her solos because she is the Music Director. Lisa wants the Reverend to dump Buttons or she will continue to sing whatever she wants.

John walks into the unisex where Sydney is putting on lipstick. He tells her they want to meet with some of her employees to help their case. She says it is fine but wonders if John is a little jealous of Richard because he got to suck on her toes. John says he isn't into such unconventional antics. Sydney says she already knows that. She says she knows he likes the simple kiss, the gentle kiss. He tells her he isn't a drone. "I realize that," she says, "but I also sense that you are just a little distracted by the wonder of what it would be like to caress my lips." John is mesmerized. She grabs his head and literally picks him up and kisses him.

Nelle asks Lisa into her office for a private chat. Nelle tells Lisa that she realizes she is hurt because he is with someone in the choir but she really needs to find a better way to deal with her emotions. Lisa says she can't just sit passive and must express her pain in song. Nelle suggests she express her pain but tone it down a little. Lisa agrees to do this.

At Sydney's agency, John and Richard observe the employees. The office is bustling. When Sydney walks into the office, all the men clamor for her attention, some bumping past John and Richard to get to her. It's just like a Queen Bee with her drones-just like Sydney stated.

Reverend Newman and Buttons are not convinced Lisa will tone down her songs. Nelle and Jackson tell them that she really could sue claiming sexual harassment. Though not convinced, Reverend Newman and Buttons agree that if Lisa doesn't sing directly at her, Buttons won't sing at Lisa.

An employee from Sydney's agency is on the stand. He tells John that the employees desire to make Sydney happy, makes them happy. He also says that if Mr. Jacobs doesn't like working there, he should leave. The employees are happy because to see the look of approval on Sydney's face for something they have done, is gratifying.

At he church, the Reverend gives a not-so-nice sermon about using the law to get what you want. Lisa realizes he it talking about her and doesn't like it. She sings a very sad song (some lyrics: Nothing I can say, nothing I can do. I feel so bad...I feel so blue) and is overcome by emotion. She runs out of the church.

Nelle goes back to the church the next day to speak to Lisa. She tells her that it is ok to have a broken heart and sing and cry about it, but she cannot do it in the workplace. Nelle convinces her to discontinue her painful songs. Later, Nelle convinces the Reverend and Buttons to keep their relationship discreet around the church.

At closing arguments, Mr. Mathers summarizes that a boss who puts out signals of want, of sex, or even lust, is against the law when it becomes oppressive in the workplace. John argues that the real question before the court is if Sydney Gale, who trades on her sexuality, because she cultivates an environment men crave, has the right to build such a company. He reminds the jury that we live in a free country.

John and Sydney are alone in an office while awaiting the verdict on the case. Sydney comes on strong but John is able to resist...barely. Richard comes in and tells them the jury is in. The jury finds in favor of Sydney Gale.

At the bar, Sydney dances and all the men seem entranced. Richard congratulates John on resisting her. John admits it wasn't easy. Soon, all the men at the bar are dancing with Sydney. John wants to join, but Richard pulls him back. They dread the day any other women realizes the power Sydney possesses and uses it against them.

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