Synopsis of Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade

Written by Jennifer W.

Today is Ally's 31st birthday. She wakes up to the sounds of the birds chirping and a "Birthday" alarm clock, which reminds her that she isn't getting any younger and that her ovaries are drying up. Obviously this isn't real. She goes to the bathroom and plays with her face. Renée walks in and Ally tells her she is ready for her first face-lift. "No way, you don't look a day over forty," Renée says. Ally turns and leaves, then throws a shoe at Renée. "Kidding! Kidding!" Renée says smiling.

At the morning meeting, Mark tells everyone Ally called in "older" since she is depressed about her birthday. The first case is Dale vs. Hobby. A patient is suing a plastic surgeon because of a bad nose job. Richard assigns John and Nelle to the case but John says he doesn't want to take it because of the nose thing. His nose whistles. Richard argues that they have been trying to get involved with malpractice for a while and he needs John to take the case. John reluctantly agrees.

Larry is in the process of hiring a sassy new attorney when Sting, the singer, walks in. They both can't believe it is really him. He is in a bit of legal trouble.

Nelle is talking to their new client while John stares strangely at his nose. The client explains that he did ask for the nose job he received, but it is bigger than he wanted. He is a female impersonator entertainer, who specializes in Barbra Streisand. Since his fake nose made breathing hard, he had a nose job to make his nose just like Barbra's. John continues to stare at it.

Mr. Milter, representing the husband who is suing Sting, and Larry are in court arguing before the judge. The husband's case is that Sting broke up his marriage because he has made his wife obsessed with him. The judge says that you can't hold a performer liable for his performance on a stage. Mr. Milter says that Sting's emotionally and sexually suggestive conduct caused his client's wife to become enraptured. The judge says he thinks the case is ridiculous but he isn't going to throw it out without some kind of discovery. Larry argues that Sting is only in town for one night. The judge suggests that he better hurry up and get the depositions done.

Ally is at home staring out the window. Renée comes in to check on her. Ally says she is going to stay home. Renée reminds her that she now has a man, unlike last year, and she should be happy since this is what she wanted. Ally assures Renée she is fine and agrees to be at the bar later on for her birthday party. Once Renée leaves, Ally has a visitor-it's the dancing baby! But wait...this dancing baby is old, wrinkly, frail, has bifocals and a walker. He tries to dance but instead falls over dead. Ally is speechless and shakes her head in disbelief. The baby disappears.

Ally is once again staring out the window. The old dancing baby hobbles in with a cannon. Ally dares him to shoot her. He does. Ally wakes up from her dream.

During a conference with all parties, Nelle says that the nose her client wanted was smaller than the one he was given. John suggests they just redo his nose but the plastic surgeon says that his cartilage is damaged and he wouldn't be able to operate on it again. The plastic surgeon argues that there isn't anything wrong with the nose he has, since that is the nose he wanted in the first place. He suggests that something else is making Harold sue over the nose. Harold says it isn't and walks out of the room, obviously emotionally distressed.

Elaine and Jackson are practicing their number for Ally's party. Jackson argues that the song isn't hot and it isn't a duet. He leaves saying it isn't hot enough.

In the conference room, Sting reiterates that he doesn't even know Luis' wife Melissa and he was just performing. Melissa argues that he was singing directly to her heart. Luis explains that Sting was singing "We'll Be Together" and he wooed her with the song. He decides to demonstrate what happened during the concert. Luis gets up, with the song playing on a tape player, and starts gyrating and pumping his body in front of Melissa. Everyone just looks on.

Nelle tells Harold that she might be able to get them to settle but probably wouldn't be able to get an admission of guilt. Harold admits to Nelle that his boyfriend, who had problems with him being a performer, broke up with him after the surgery. His boyfriend believed that he loved the spotlight more than he loved him and he saw the surgery as the final straw. Nelle understands that he is blaming his heartache on the nose and therefore the surgeon.

Richard walks into Ally's apartment. "Since when do you have a key to my apartment?" she asks. "Oh, uh, Jackson had copies made. Happy Birthday," he says. Richard came to distract Ally from her problems by bringing her one of his problems. He wants to know how to get Ling back. Ally suggests Richard make Ling jealous by getting some new clothes to make Ling think there is someone else.

In the unisex, Elaine informs Jackson that his nickname at the office is "The Man in the Mirror". He wonders who calls him he continues to look in the mirror. Elaine and Jackson realize they are both vain and they both like the limelight. Elaine suggests they steal the limelight from Ally on her birthday. Jackson says he is smooth and needs a smooth number to sing. Elaine agrees as long as it is hot too.

Melissa tells Larry she really believes that Sting was singing to her. She isn't disillusioned that her and Sting will ever really get together. She says she didn't separate from Luis because she thought her and Sting were going to hook up, she did it because it is nice to know that what is there for the special people, is also there for her. "I love you Luis and I am happy with you. But to know that Sting wanted me, even if it wasn't for more than a fleeting second, that's something," she explains.

Ally is staring at the bathroom mirror when the old dancing baby appears. He turns and starts hobbling away. Ally runs after him and takes a sliding dive across the floor into...Renée. Renée came to check up on her. Ally says that Larry hasn't called or even sent flowers.

Richard is at the mall with Mark to go to Gucci to pick out an outfit to make Ling jealous. Cindy Margolis is at the mall doing a photo shoot and Richard decides he must meet her to make Ling jealous, since Ling knows he watches Cindy on cable.

Nelle informs Harold that the surgeon is willing to settle saying it was an "unsatisfactory result" and pay Harold $40,000. But he will not admit he is guilty of any wrongdoing. Harold isn't happy but decides to take it.

At the bar, Elaine and Jackson sing a sultry song. They are very close and flirty. When Ally asks, Ling says that doesn't make her jealous. Renée starts saying that "as two women who have slept with him" but Ling cuts her off. "You two slept together?" Ling asks. At another table, Harold is enjoying watching the performance. Nelle suggests that he perform a number. Meanwhile, Elaine is sweating profusely, like she normally does around Jackson. Ling seems bothered by it.

Ally skips upstairs to the office, upset that Larry isn't at her party. Richard catches her and wonders what is going on. Ally tells him that she thinks Larry is going to leave. Richard tells her that it is nonsense. Ally says she feels alone.

Renée sings a song at the bar for Ally. Jackson is watching Renée, when Ling interrupts. She cannot believe that he slept with Renée. Jackson doesn't understand what is going on with Ling's emotions. Ling spots Richard enter with Cindy Margolis. She doesn't like it.

Mr. Milter asks Sting if he wanted to be with Melissa that evening as he sang to her. Sting finally admits that he did. Everyone is speechless. Larry is dumbfounded. Sting continues that Melissa and him do not have a future but when he was singing to her, he imagined himself holding her and making love to her. Larry interrupts and pulls Sting into his office. Sting just wants to settle the case and give Melissa a dream come true. He wants to end this case. They settle for $50,000 plus costs, and the strictest confidentiality about the case. Larry and Mr. Milter go to Larry's office to draw up papers.

Harold is in full Barbra costume performing. He gets a standing ovation. Ally applauds him but is still depressed Larry hasn't shown up. She wants to leave her party but everyone tries to stop her. All of a sudden the lights go out and Larry appears on stage singing "Every Breathe You Take". Ally slowly sits down back at her table. Larry walks over to Ally as Sting takes over the song. He tells Ally he loves her and asks her to dance. They slowly dance and kiss while Sting sings. Larry joins Sting to finish out the song.

Ally and Larry are making love. Afterwards, Larry lies asleep and Ally is lying awake holding the covers tightly. She has a far off look on her face.

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