Synopsis of Girls Night Out

Written by TK

All the girls of the office are having a sleep over at Ally's (including Georgia). Ling tells them that they're all losers since it's Halloween night and they're all dateless. Ling says she's not one of them because she has her Richard. (If someone has more description for this first scene, I would appreciate it since my tape started just a bit late so I missed the beginning.)

Firm conference room
Office meeting. Richard gives Ally condolences on her break up. Ally thanks him and says she's okay. John and Nelle are going up against Renée & Georgia. Richard wonders if the client is coming by the office first, and Nelle says she's not. Ling isn't comfortable with Richard being attracted to the client. Richard claims it's John who is attracted to her. John hotly denies that. Ally announces the first Cage & Fish women's bar association meeting in her office today at 11am. Elaine come in to say Brian is waiting for Ally in her office.

Ally's office
Brian apologizes for losing his temper the other day, but says he's still confused. He asks if there's someone else. Ally says no. He says he doesn't get it then. She says she thought he was the right guy, but then she realized he wasn't. He asks her if she's afraid of ending up alone. She says she's more afraid of ending up with the wrong person. He points out that you don't always know when it's right. She says she definitely knows when it isn't.

Another room in the office
A female client (Cindy) meeting with Richard and Ling says she'd really like to only have a female lawyer because her case is of a sensitive nature. Richard says as senior partner he sort of has to be there, but Ling will be handling the case and everything will stay very confidential. Cindy says that her new job wanted her to take a physical for health insurance reasons. She refused, even offering to find her own health insurance. She got fired anyway. The reason she didn't want to take the physical is because she's actually a man. Both Richard and Ling spit their coffee out in amazement. They wonder how Cindy can looks so incredibly feminine. She says she's been on estrogen treatment. Richard is his normal not-very-sensitive self, and Ling isn't much better. Cindy is about to walk out when Richard says that since she's gotten through the most difficult part, telling them, she might as well let them help her. She wonders if they can. They wonder if they can.

Court room
A man named Chris is on the stand. Georgia is questioning him. John and Nelle are sitting with their client, the beautiful Myra Robbins. Chris is talking about how he worked for Myra, an architect. One night they were working late and she brushed his arm. There was chemistry. She starting fondling his groin area and they ended up making love. John shrieks when Myra brushes his arm with hers. Chris goes on to say that a month later, Myra wanted to "have relations" again. He felt pressure and had to quit his job. Nelle questions Chris next. He agrees that the sex they had was consensual. She mocks him for complaining about feeling pressure to have sex with this beautiful woman.

The office
Richard and Ling are walking Cindy out. Richard says they'll need to get an injunction, but no one will have to hear about Cindy's penis. They'll claim the physical is an invasion of privacy. Elaine calls Ling away for "the meeting." Mark walks by and gives Cindy a flirty hello. She says hello back. Richard assures Cindy that these types of cases are why he got into the law and gives her a friendly pat on the shoulder. Mark gives Cindy a once-over from a distance.

Ally's office
The women's meeting. Ally says what Ling said last night got her thinking. She says we (professional women) are pathetic because we claim that a personal life is more important than a professional life and yet we spend all this time and effort on a professional life and ignore the personal. Nelle says she's not interested in marriage, children and divorce. Ally says life is more rich with a partner. Nelle says women are better partners... except for the sex part. Ally goes on to say that she'll talk to Mark Albert, as an eligible male who is not her type, and find out how he would go about meeting eligible women and they'll move on from there. When Ally opens her office door, Richard falls in. He tells Ling he's not comfortable with her being part of a manhunt. She assures him she won't be looking for anyone like him. Richard tells Ally he thought she didn't need a man. She says she doesn't need one, she wants one.

The unisex
Cindy is checking her makeup in the mirror when Mark comes in. As they're talking, Ally pokes her head in and tells Mark she'd like to talk with him later. Mark tries to hit on Cindy, but he keeps making remarks that make Cindy think he knows her secret. Finally, Mark makes it clear that he just wants a date. Richard pokes his head in and tells Cindy they have to go. Mark asks her if he can call her, she says that's probably not a good idea. When Cindy leaves, Elaine comes out of a stall. Mark asks her how he did. She says since Cindy didn't exactly say no, it's a good sign and he should pursue.

Myra is on the stand and John is questioning her. She says she found Chris attractive, she knew he was attracted to her, because he's male, so she doesn't see what the problem is. John is unnerved by her sexual presence and says "sex with me" instead of "sex with him" at one point. Also, his voice cracks. Myra says she let Chris know he could do her again if he wanted, but there was no pressure, and then he just quit. Renée questions Myra next. It turns out she's slept with three other assistants. Myra admits she sees no problem in hitting on people who work for her. They can say no just like she so often says no to the thousands of men that hit on her.

Courthouse meeting room
John and Nelle walk into the room with Myra. John is saying how brilliant Myra's testimony was. Nelle disagrees, since Myra admitted she sees no problem in hitting on people who work for her. Nelle calls John on being drawn to Myra. Nelle says she thinks they should try to settle, and leaves the room. Myra asks John if he is drawn to her. She says if he admits it it might not be completely futile. John's voice cracks, but he says he thinks they should just concentrate on the case.

Richard is arguing in front of Judge Walsh that the physical is illegal according to the first, second and fourth amendments. He is making no sense and Judge Walsh can barely understand what he's arguing. Opposing counsel tries to translate. Ling says that if Cindy wants to waive insurance, she shouldn't have to take the physical. Opposing counsel says then she obviously has something to hide. Richard incoherently argues that she should be allowed to hide anything she wants. The judge grants the injunction, saying if she wants to waive insurance they can't force her to take the physical.

The office
Ally is talking to Mark about where eligible men go to meet women. Mark is totally unhelpful, talking about how men just want to meet models and his friend who owns a bar has this models night, but it's always just full of men 'cause the models never show. Ally thanks Mark for nothing, but then gets an idea and runs off. Richard and Ling walk off the elevator with Cindy and Richard brags to Mark that he won. Richard suggests they go down to the bar to celebrate. He and Ling go to check their messages leaving Cindy with Mark.

The bar
Ally tells the other women that tomorrow night is models night. No models will show, so it will be just be a bar full of men... and them. Nelle thinks it's silly, but Georgia and Elaine are for it. At the bar, Mark is still hitting on Cindy. He convinces her to dance with him. Richard and Ling watch them, wondering what's going on.

The office
Myra comes in to find John walking around barefoot preparing his closing. She apologizes for being so forward. She explains that usually it's only the wolves and the hockey players that ask her out, and the nice guys are usually too shy and intimidated, so that's why she's learned to be forward herself. She says she understands that he wants to keep the relationship professional, and starts to leave. His nose whistles. She asks if he said something. He says no. She turns to leave again, and this time his nose gives a big long whistle. She asks if he's making tea. He says no, but asks if she'd like some. She says maybe they should finish the case and get tea later. He agrees. She kisses him, and then says that actually, she's like some of that tea now.

The bar
Mark and Cindy are dancing. He wants to walk her home. Ling and Richard are watching. Richard thinks he should tell Mark Cindy is a man. Ling says he can't tell.

The office, the next morning
John slept with Myra. Richard is psyched for him. John is scared because he's committed an infraction. Richard asks if John likes her. John says yes. Richard says go for it. Mark comes up and John runs away. Richard tells Mark he can't date Cindy because she's a client. Mark points out that the case is over and wonders when Richard became such a stickler. Richard almost tells Mark that Cindy is a man, and instead says she's a virgin. Mark asks Richard if they were in the unisex having the same conversation, what would happen? Richard says he'd turn around and Cindy would be standing there. Mark says, flush flush. Richard turns around a very angry Cindy is staring at him.

Richard's office
Cindy drags Richard into his office and yells at him for almost telling. Richard says he was just looking out for Mark. Cindy says she's had boyfriends before. Richard wonders how. Cindy says she tells them she's Catholic and doesn't believe in premarital sex. Richard doesn't understand, and says that he's just worried about Mark getting hurt. Cindy says she'll tell him when she's ready and Richard should stay out of her business.

Georgia is closing. She basically says that it's standard sexual harassment, and tells the jury that it should just apply to men, but can apply to women too. John is closing. He says that there is a double standard in this case, that sexual harassment law was designed to protect women. And anyway, does anyone really feel sorry for this man? John warns the jury not to discriminate against a woman who is sexually forward. When John sits down again, Myra puts a hand under his ass.

The bar
Vonda and Renée are singing "It's Raining Men" and sure enough, the bar is packed with men, including Larry sitting at the bar, and the women of the firm are having a great time dancing with them. Ling is sitting surrounded by men, one of whom is Richard complaining. Richard is keeping an eye on Mark who is dancing with Cindy. Larry is watching Ally dance. Brian walks in. Brian walks up to the stage, grabs a mike and interrupts everyone asking for their attention. He says everyone should thank Ally for setting up this event, and tells everyone they just broke up, but Ally seems to be dealing just fine. The other women are embarrassed for Ally. Brian, having sucked the wind out of the party, walks away.

John's office, the next morning
Myra walks in to pick him up to walk to the court house. John says he thinks they'll win because the jury seemed with them. He suggests a quiet restaurant where they could celebrate. Myra says she has a date tonight, but maybe some other time. He asks if the other night was just sex. She says yes, she doesn't really see them as a couple. John hurriedly agrees that of course, they could never be a couple, and pretends like it's not a big deal. Nelle comes in to say the jury has come back with a verdict.

Brian's office
Ally comes in and explains how models night happened. Ally says while his performance wasn't warranted, she realizes that last night might have hurt his feelings and she apologizes. He says she doesn't owe him any explanations. She says she just doesn't want to trivialize their relationship. She was focusing too much on looking forward because she was scared to look back.

The jury finds in favor of Myra. Myra thanks her lawyers. Nelle is surprised. Myra tells John she'd love to do dinner sometime, and asks if they might sleep together again. He says he's not that kind of guy.

The bar
Mark and Cindy are dancing. They're flirting, and finally Cindy starts to tell him that she used to be someone different. He says that maybe they should go out on a few dates before they start revealing things about themselves. He likes a woman with a couple secrets. She says that he's going to love her. Richard is sitting with Ling watching Mark and Cindy kiss and says it's really gross. Ling asks him if he would feel differently about her if she used to be a man. Richard says no, he'd just vomit.

John's office
Ally comes in and finds John staring into space. Ally congratulates him on winning his case. He asks her how she's doing, and she says she misses talking with him. They decide they should go out one night this week and catch up. She asks him if he remembers when they danced before in the office. She asks him if he would dance with her again. They both agree that they could use it.

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