Synopsis of The Ex-Files

Written by Jennifer W.

Richard, Ling, John, Melanie, and two of Ling's friends, Lisa and Randy, are at dinner. Richard wonders why Lisa and Randy, who are getting married in the next couple of days, don't seem that nervous. "If I were getting married in two days you know, puke city. Not that Ling-o-rama wouldn't make an excellent wife. What are your thoughts? You seem quiet," he says to them. "Whoo!" Melanie screams (one of her tics). "I think Tourette's is so cool. It'd be so great to just annoy people like that. You whoop and twitch--any other good ones?" Ling wonders. "Sex," Melanie answers. John chokes. Melanie explains there is hyperactivity involved that can be released through tics and also through sex. "I am planning on relieving myself later," she says. "Pough-kip...Pough-kip," John stutters. "Pough-kip...Pough-kip," Melanie repeats. "Poop!" Melanie yells. "Poop!" John repeats. "We've totally picked up on each other's tics. It's so cute," Melanie smiles. "Ling, I'm sorry, whose friend are you? Is it Randy or Lisa's?" she wonders. Ling explains that she is Lisa's friend now and that's why she is a bridesmaid - but she used to be engaged to Randy. "You were saying about sex?" Richard interrupts. "Richard!" John tries to object. Richard disagrees, "It's an issue, John. Let's talk about it. What if she whoops during? Is it you? Is it the Tourette's? A man has to know what's making his woman scream. Am I right? Randy, you seem awfully quiet by the way. Of course, I'd be a little stiff if I were getting married. Are you sure she's the right one? Because, honestly, I don't see it. How were things with you and Ling? Pretty tepid, I bet. I should say, hope." Everyone is quiet. He continues, "Thoughts? Anybody? The floor is open..."

Ally asks Larry if he likes this funky hat she is wearing. "No, no, no. I, uh, hmm. Have you considered several birds might try to nest on it at the same time? They could fight, die, and nature could suffer?" he quips. "Yes, that's the first question I posed," Ally responds. As Ally and Larry kiss, Jamie walks through the door unnoticed. "Hey," she says, announcing herself. Ally and Larry look at Jamie, surprised to see her. "Hi, Jamie," Larry says. Jamie apologizes for barging in and asks Larry if she could speak to him alone for a second. Ally looks uncomfortable and says, "Oh, well yeah...I, um, I have to work. I was just um...I have to, um, work. See you later." Ally leaves Jamie and Larry to talk. Jamie tells Larry that she and Sam [their son] are moving to Canada so they can be near her family in Perry Sound. "Obviously, since it involves taking Sam out of the states, I need you to sign off on it," she says. Larry cannot believe she wants to take their son to Canada.

Ally is at Renée's office telling her that Jamie came to see Larry. Renée wants to know why Jamie is back. Ally tells her that she doesn't know because she left them alone to talk. "Did you have to leave or did you just run out of the room?" Renée asks. "I had to leave. She wanted to have a moment," Ally explains. "You know Renée, despite my many, many, many character flaws, jealousy is not one of them. I was able to work in the same office with Georgia, and she was married to the first ass I ever sniffed. Now, I am actually..." "You're feeling jealous," Renée finishes for her. Ally admits she is feeling jealous with this woman, but doesn't know why. "One could argue that she is the last person I should be jealous of. I mean, they have a child together. If there is something between them, they would work it out. But she oozes something that makes me crazy," Ally admits. Renée picks up a pencil and tells Ally to open her mouth. Renée sticks the pencil in Ally's mouth and tells her to bite down. She tells Ally, "If you trust him, then just let it be. If you start acting all nuts, you are doing more damage that way. So just cling to what you know, and tough it out through what you feel, and everything will be okay." Ally bites the pencil in half.

"You were totally out of line, Richard," John says to Richard, as they walk into the office. "I just tried to make conversation," Richard defends. John says that Richard "engaged in inappropriate vulgarity". "You talked about me having sex with Melanie," John says. "Have you had it yet?" Richard interrupts. "That... Pough-kip, Pough-kip... Never mind! I don't even know her well enough yet!" John is appalled. Richard says Melanie was the one who brought up the subject. John says she meant it as a joke and that Richard was also wrong when he told Randy that if he were getting married he would want to puke. "He looked green," Richard responds. John says it is unacceptable. John walks away and says that he is stopping by Melanie's class because she is reading a chapter from her new book. Lisa is telling Ling that she has picked up her wedding dress from the bridal shop and it is perfect. "It's really so gorgeous, I'm thrilled," she says. "You came all this way to give me good news?" Ling wonders. Ling asks her what is wrong. Lisa tries to explain, "I don't know how to say this without sounding totally insane. You know how I always said that I'm totally fine with your history with Randy?" "Yes," responds Ling. "Well, that's a lie. I'm a little threatened by...Well, I'm concerned that deep down, you're still the one he loves." Ling is taken aback. Lisa continues, "I saw you two look at each other last night, and something just hit me. Even though you and Randy were seven years ago, I lay in bed awake all night thinking "my god, I'm his second choice". Ling wonders if this is pre-wedding day panic. Lisa wants to know how the two of them ended because neither of them has ever told her. Ling tell her that she dumped him. When Lisa asks if it broke Randy's heart, Ling responds that she "does that sort of thing" and she is sure he has mended.

"It's another country, Jamie. You know, people talk funny in Canada. And forget drugs and guns, people up there are into hockey," Larry is reacting to the news from Jamie. "That's clever," Jamie says, not amused. Larry wants to know what the schools are like. "You never bothered to ask what they're like in Detroit," she says. He asks her what is up in Canada. She says that Sam's grandparents and cousins are there. "On your side," Larry interjects. "Yeah, well, he's had no connection to your side. He's barely had a connection to you," she reminds him. She then apologizes for saying that. Jamie says it would be better for Sam to get out of the city...better for her. "Detroit's on the border of Canada anyway. You're just having an emotional reaction," she says. "Uh, please don't say that like I am not entitled to it, Jamie. You want to take my kid out of the country, allow me to react with some emotion," he responds. Jamie wonders why Larry isn't in Detroit, if being closer to Sam is an issue. She says she is not sorry for saying that to him because "it's the question that keeps going unsaid". "They have courts there and law firms. And from my perspective, I see only one reason you have for living in Boston. Are you in love with her?" Jamie wonders. Larry tells her 'yes'. He wonders if moving Sam is about getting back together with him. She says 'no'. "It's about giving Sam a sense of family--a sense he doesn't have at the moment," she says sadly.

Melanie is reading a story to her class, while John looks on. "It wasn't so bad having two heads. The head called Sally could eat ice cream, while the head called Sarah could eat cake. Sally could read, while Sarah could watch TV. And best of all, they could always keep each other company. But the problem was, while Sally was good, Sarah was sometimes very, very bad. One day, during naptime, Sarah wasn't really asleep. She had one eye open and she saw Sally was asleep. Sarah picked up a sharp pencil and raised it and..." "Whoo!" Melanie screams. "Whoo!" John repeats. The whole class turns their head and stares at him. He apologizes for the interruption. Melanie continues with the story unaware that the school's director has walked into the classroom, "And she brought the pencil closer and closer to Sally, who lay there sleeping unaware. And then Sarah smiled..." "And she stabbed Sally in the throat!" one of the children yells. All the children scream. "Hey, hey, hey!" Melanie says, "That is not what happened. Nobody got stabbed. Come back and sit down." The school's director interrupts and asks if she can briefly speak to Ms. West. Melanie says that she is in the middle of class. The school's director assures her it will only take a minute and asks John to monitor the class until Ms. West returns. John tries to object by saying that children frighten him. Melanie tells him he will be fine and for him to tell them a story. John hesitantly turns around and says 'hello' to the children. "Well, let's see here. Once upon a time, um, there was this little train that went chugging down the track. Choo! Choo! (His nose whistles) Okay, that was not the train. That was, uh, Pough-kip...Pough-kip. It was from the Bronx," John tries to tell a story. "Why did it do that?" one of the children asks. "What?" John wonders. "Pough-kip, Pough-kip." "You're a boring little man," replies Lucy, one of the children. John defends himself by saying he is not boring-he is meek and there is a difference. Lucy asks why he is meek and says, "It's not very attractive". John explains, "When I was a child, I misbehaved. And what you children probably don't know yet, is that when children misbehave, there is a tradition in this country--their parents go into their rooms at night and snip off their toes. I don't know why it's a big secret kept from all children, especially the ones with the big mouths (looks at Lucy), because they always get their toes hacked off. Mine were chopped. (The children gasp.) It rendered me meek. It usually happens on the sixth birthday. Snip, snip, snip! (Lucy screams.) Yeah, I'm not so boring now, you little snot?" Melanie enters the room. "Uh, Melanie, they're all yours. By the way, Lucy seems upset," John says. Melanie is visibly upset and says, "We have to go. I was just fired."

John is arguing in court regarding Melanie getting fired. "To be discharged for a disability is flat-out against the law. It's illegal. It's not allowed. It's prohibited." "Your honor, I'm not comfortable with them rushing off to court alleging some..." Mr. Milter, the attorney representing the school, says. "Wig!" Melanie screams. (The judge is wearing this really bad toupee.) "My client has Tourette's syndrome, your honor," John explains. "It's why she was fired. We're dealing with a truly despicable, cowardly act here." "She was not fired for her Tourette's," Mr. Milter counters. The judge asks why she was fired. "She was discharged because she frightens the children. The stories she writes are scary. Her behavior startles them and three months ago she ran over the school's director with her truck," the attorney explains. John interjects, "For which she was acquitted. No specific intent was found." Mr. Milter states that is little consolation to a child. "Yes, she drives over people, but she doesn't mean it," he says. John objects to his sarcasm. The judge tells John that the attorney has a point. The judge says, "One of the functions, I assume, of your client's job is..." "Hair club!" yells Melanie. "Pough-kip...Pough-kip," Melanie says. "Pough-kip...Pough-kip. Frank Sinatra!" John stutters. "Frank Sinatra?" the judge asks. "I apologize, your honor," John says. "I have a stutter. To correct it, I sometimes focus on phonetically preemptive sounds. 'Poughkeepsie' is one of them. Being a town in New York, it sometimes makes me think of and sometimes say things relating to New York. That time it triggered a memory--the song, 'New York, New York, which was sung by Frank Sinatra. Perhaps you've heard of it?" (His nose whistles.) The judge is perplexed. He says he could rule on the case now but would prefer not to. He wants the two parties to get together and at least try to work something out. "Failing that," he says, "the matter again falls into my..." "Hair!" Melanie screams. "Hair, er, hands," he finishes. The judge adjourns court.

Randy visits Ling in her office and asks if he can speak to her for a second. He tells Ling that Lisa has been erratic and he knows she came talk to Ling about something. Ling tells him Lisa came to talk to Ling about her wedding dress. Randy thinks Ling is lying. "She's having second thoughts isn't she?" Randy wonders. "I think she's afraid you might be," Ling says. "She's got this crazy notion that she may not be the girl of your dreams. Is she?" Ling wonders. He tells Ling that guys don't always get the girl of their dreams. "She thinks I still love you?" he asks. "Do you?" Ling responds. He says that he plans on taking care of Lisa and that he loves her and plans on making very happy. "That's great," Ling says.

Renée asks Ally if she is feeling up to going back to her office. Ally has about 5 pencils in her mouth. "Still feeling just as jealous?" Renée asks. Ally nods her head. "And insecure?" Renée asks. Ally nods her head. "Okay, you stay right where you are then," Renée tells her, "Have a fresh pencil." She sticks another pencil in Ally's mouth and walks away.

Melanie and John are discussing her being fired. "The thing is, John, I'm meeting with a publisher next week. My agent is already concerned about me being arrested for murder--acquittal aside. And if I have any shot at being an author, I have to be able to handle book tours and signings," she explains. "And how does this affect that?" he asks. "Well, I write children's books, John. A reputation that I frighten five year-olds is not what I need to have." John asks Melanie why, if she was so concerned about her writing career, was she willing to risk a conviction and a life sentence only a week ago. She says that was different. He asks why. She says she was in a more optimistic place than she was a week ago. "Suddenly life is full of..." "...Future," John concludes for her. They smile at each other. John tells her he will try and fix this situation. She thanks him. John and Melanie squeal. She apologizes for interrupting and says that Mrs. Stiles, the school director, and Mr. Milter, the attorney representing the school, are on their way up. He thanks her. Elaine squeals.

"My problem is you didn't come here to discuss it, Jamie. You came here to just announce it as a fiat accompli," Larry says to Jamie. "No, I came to get your consent," she protests. He asks why she didn't just call him. "Because I didn't want to do it over the phone. It involves our son, damn it!" she says. Jamie suggests their lawyers handle the situation. Larry asks her why she doesn't move to Boston. "Because for the same reasons Detroit doesn't work for you, Boston doesn't work for me," she explains. "That's not true. You've lived here. You know people here," he says. "Larry..." she tries to interrupt. He continues, "You could make a life here easier than I could make one there, Jamie." "No there are problems here that..." she begins. "See, you're just making excuses," he interjects. She says she is not making excuses. "Look Larry, who are we kidding? I mean, we may not have been compatible living together. But as we stand here, we continue to set records for how long we can be alone together in a room without tearing each other's clothes off. However much you love this Ally, and I'm sure you do..." "I don't want to have this discussion, Jamie," he says. She continues, "But here's the biggest unsaid thing of all, for two people who have as much passion for each other as we have and who have a son together, I mean, how can we not?" "Because we know, we know, we know it wouldn't work," he says. She says okay. He tells her he can't do this again. "It would be one time too many," he whispers. She wants him to "just tell me that you know it's over". "I know it's over," he says. They lean in and...hungrily kiss! He pulls away and leaves. Jamie sits there looking hurt.

Ally is pacing in Renée's office. She is wondering why Larry hasn't called by now. "Yes, you would, but, I could be wrong here, if he were going to call, might he try you at your office?" Renée asks. "Oh," says Ally. Ally says that something doesn't seem right. "I have a radar about these things and I'm emotionally a little psychic. I know that something is up. Now, what am I going to do if he really does love her?" Ally wonders.

Randy tells Ling that he is still in love with her. "That's ridiculous!" Ling exclaims. Randy reminds her that she is the one who asked the question. He explains that he loves Lisa and is willing to walk down the aisle with her. But he is left to wonder, for the rest of his life, whether he had a chance with Ling. He asks Ling if he has a chance with her. "Randy, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a happy couple and coming between them but, Lisa's a friend of mine," Ling says. Randy says all he is asking for is the same honesty Ling asked for, and got, from him. He wants to know, whether or not Ling thinks they could work out, does she have any interest. "Under normal circumstances, I might say think it over but I'm on a little bit of a clock here. Could you see getting back with me?" he asks. "No," she replies. He says that sounded a little anemic. "Not a chance. Is that clear enough?" she asks. "Yeah," he sadly responds. Ling asks, "What about the wedding?" "She's the next best thing. I love her very dearly--and you're still invited," he says, then leaves her office, closing the door behind him. Ling looks as if she is regretting her answer.

John, Melanie, Mrs. Stiles and Mr. Milter are in the conference room discussing why Melanie was fired. "Frankly, I think it's her stories that do the most damage. She's got the one about the two-headed girl," Mrs. Stiles says. "That story is ultimately about tolerance," Melanie explains. "Understood, but one of the heads seems to be evil. And then there's the tale about the hippo who eats children and poops them," Mrs. Stiles continues. Melanie interjects that the story is the children's version of the incredible voyage. Mrs. Stiles says she doesn't care. She wonders, "How enchanting can a journey be when you get pooped through the small intestine of a jungle animal?" "Hold on," Mr. Milter says, "I'm not comfortable with the two parties having direct dialogue, I have to say." John suggests to Mrs. Stiles that she certainly has to admit there is a slight bias in this case. Mrs. Stiles wonders why she should be biased. "You're the school director," he suggests, "My client has a history of backing up over them. Also bear in mind, you only came to be the director because of Ms. West's vehicular mishap. You know she's a good teacher." "I'm not comfortable with you addressing her," Mr. Milter says. Mrs. Stiles says the children are afraid of Ms. West. "Oh, and they call you Ms. Warm-and-Fuzzy," Melanie mutters under her breath. "There's no call for that," Mrs. Stiles says to Melanie. Melanie says she is meeting with a publisher next week that wants to do a book of her stories, so she doesn't believe that her stories are the problem. "Fat!" Melanie screams. She tries to say that she was fired for her tics and twitches, but Mrs. Stiles objects to her calling her fat. "I am not fat," she says. Well, I think that's a prejudice and remember the issues. "I'm not comfortable with everyone talking at the same time," Mr. Milter says. Melanie squeals. "Oh right, play the squeal card," Mrs. Stiles comments. John says that remark makes him see zeros.

Ally walks into the office and asks Elaine if she has had any calls. When Elaine says 'no', Ally is upset. "No? What do you mean 'no!'? Not one single call? "Well, one man wanted to know your long-distance service. Should I get him back for you?" Elaine asks. Ally wonders if the lines are working? "Maybe the ringer is broken," she suggests. Nelle walks up and says that her phone is working fine. "Well, then, why don't you go answer it?" Ally remarks. "Well, bite my head off," Nelle says. Ally says through clenched teeth, "don't tempt me". Ally goes into her office and the phone rings. "Hello? Hello?" she says, into the phone. "Hi, sweetie," it's Nelle on her cell phone. "Isn't it a relief to know it's working after all?" she asks Ally, as she appears at her office doorway grinning. Ally throws the handset at her.

"Good arm," Larry says catching the handset. Ally is shocked and happy he is there. Larry asks Ally if she is okay. Ally stammers, "Well, the truth is, well, I've been having this really weird vibe. And it's not that I distrust you, it's just that I've been having this really weird vibe for whatever reason that there was something happening between you and Jamie." He admits there was. He then admits he kissed her. "Oh. Well, how was that?" Ally sadly asks. "You know, I started to kiss her, I should say because, you know, I obviously couldn't..." he explains. Ally sarcastically says, "Well then, there's no problem, then. See, because I don't have a problem with the man I'm seeing kissing another woman so long as he breaks it off within say, what, four or five seconds?" "Ally?" "No, no, no! You know what? I am too old for these kinds of games and I am way beyond men who, who...Now, what do you expect? You expect me to give you some badge of honor because you came forward with it yourself?" Larry tries to get a word in and asks her to let him explain. She says she has been down this road before and she is just not going to go down it again. She asks him to leave but he thinks they should talk. "No, I can't. I don't want to," she says. Larry reluctantly turns to leave and Ally opens the door for him. Everyone from the office was eavesdropping at the door and falls on the floor screaming and groaning.

"I feel so bad for her and I don't even like her," Nelle says to Richard, speaking about Ally. Nelle asks Ling, who is staring into space, if she is okay. Ling says yes, she is fine, but Nelle can tell she is lying.

Ally and Renée's answering machine comes on in their apartment. The message, in Ally's voice: "Hi! Neither Renée nor I can come to the phone right now. Please leave a message and we'll call you back". It's Larry on the phone. "Ally, can you pick up? Please? Hello?" He hangs up the phone. "Great," he mutters.

Larry tells Jamie that he told Ally about their kiss. "Oh, what happened?" she asked. "You happened, Jamie," he says. "I don't want to hide anything from her because I want this one to work, you know? Because I am...Please just leave. Could you do that? Go to Canada." "Wow," Jamie says, obviously hurt, "You really love this woman." "Yeah, I do. And just because I'm still sexually attracted to you and just because I have a son with you. I won't do it. You and I could never work." Jamie asks how he knows they couldn't work. He answers, "Because you're not...her". He tells Jamie he will always love her and she will always be in his life but Ally is 'it' for him. "And even if it's now over between me and her, trust me you don't want to be following her, because she's, she's it." Jamie is stunned and hurt. "I'll, um, I'll call about, um, I'll think some more about Canada, and I'll call," she says. Larry says okay.

Ally is watching "Fatal Attraction" on TV at her apartment. Renée comes in and says it is time for work. Ally says that she is sick. Renée suggests Ally should at least talk to Larry and says she is sure he has a very good explanation. "She probably got bit by a rattlesnake in the mouth and he was trying to suck the venom out of her tongue'" Ally says sarcastically. "Ally, he did come to you. He was honest enough to..." Renée tries to convince her. Ally doesn't agree. "He kissed her, Renée. And this is the early part of our relationship. Now, imagine when we get married and he's required by law to cheat." Renée says she at least should hear what Larry has to say. Ally wonders why she should. "Well, because he is standing right there," Renée says. Larry walks in and tells Ally he wrote her a song. "Is now not a good time?" he asks. She says she hopes he came to return his key. "You know why I'm here," he says.

Ling and Nelle are discussing the Lisa and Randy situation. "He loves you?" Nelle asks. "Yes, and he wants to get back together. He asked if I had any interest for him," Ling says. Nelle asks Ling what she told him. "I told him Lisa's a close friend and I had no such interest." Nelle asks if that is the truth. Melanie and John walk off the elevator. "Whoo!" Melanie screams. "Do you mind? Some of us have eardrums," Ling remarks. "Repugnant," John says. Nelle asks Ling if she likes Randy. "No! No! I'm with Richard now. (She sighs.) I might." "What?!" Nelle asks. Ling explains, "I didn't think so, and I'm sure I don't, but Randy and I were pretty... I mean, he's not Richard, but..." Nelle interrupts, "Oh, come on! Richard has the depth of an ashtray. He's got nothing to offer but money and sperm and you know it." Ling says that may be what this is all about. "I mean, the problem of being with Richard is when you comparison shop, you see nothing but bargains." Nelle asks Ling to tell her about Randy and Ling's relationship. "We were engaged. There is nothing more to tell. He's wrong for a million different reasons. real problem right now is what do I tell Lisa?" Nelle suggests she try honesty. "We've seen how well that worked for Larry," Ling snidely remarks. "Ling, do you want to put a stop to this for Lisa's sake or yours?" Nelle asks.

"16 year-olds make absolutes, Ally, Larry says. "I mean, what, 'he kissed somebody else, it's over'? Life is more complicated than that." Ally responds, "Well, then, I'm not going to stoop to your maturity level, then, if cheating..." Larry says he isn't saying he was justified. "Oh, well, that is a wise choice," she says. "Ally, you have to understand something. My situation..." "Larry, I don't have to understand anything. And by the way, understanding is a very long way from excusing it," she interrupts. "Don't you think I'd want to be with Jamie? She's the mother of my son. All I have to do to be with him everyday, is to get back with her and in a fleeting second yesterday, I wanted to believe it could work. If I could just will myself to, God knows, my life would be simpler." Ally asks him why he doesn't just do that. He says because he loves her. "Fine, fine. That makes it all better, doesn't it?" she responds. "Did you hear what I just said? I've never loved anybody as much as I love you. And I'm only at the beginning of loving you. And you might think the smartest thing for you to do here is just move on. He's got an ex-wife, he's got a kid, he kissed somebody else, just move the hell on. Well, that's not smart Ally. It's heart-stupid, because you love me, too," he tells her. She says love isn't always enough. He disagrees, "Yeah, it is. You go without it long enough and you realize it's everything."

Lucy is testifying against Ms. West. "She's a goblin. She makes funny sounds, she barks, she gives us bad dreams, and she bites." "She bites?" John asks. "She looks like she does," she responds. Mr. Milter says, " This is the problem, your honor. As wonderful as Melanie West may be as a person, as a teacher, if she even slightly scares the children, it's not right." John requests permission to ask Lucy questions. John asks Lucy if she is afraid of him. She says yes. When John asks her 'why', she says she is afraid John will cut off her toes. John chuckles [acting like he doesn't know why she would say that]. He then asks if she is afraid of Judge Kopesky. She says she is a little afraid of him. When John asks her 'why', she says, "Well, I think he killed an animal to make his hair." "All right," Judge Kopesky says while touching his toupee, "Lucy, you can go back to your parents now." Mr. Milter surmises, "Your honor, a function of a teacher's job is to promote a safe environment for the children. None of us can feel comfortable that Ms. West can." John interrupts, "A function of a school is to promote a prejudice-free environment. This woman was fired because she squeals, because she twitches. Those are symptoms of a disability. I'm not comfortable with a school that can see the likes of a gifted teacher--a woman who exudes magic, if you will--and see fit to discharge her presumably for the benefit of the children. I know the woman sitting over there and I will say this: If those children's lives are enriched even a fraction of how much mine has been just by...Well, anyway, it's a bad decision to fire this teacher, your honor. It's a bad decision." The judge asks Ms. West if she has anything to say. He asks her what goes through her mind when she hears her students say they're afraid that she is going to bite them. "If any of the children consider me to be a monster, that can only come from narrow-mindedness which is a much more dangerous and fundamental disability. It is precisely for the benefit of those children that I should be kept on," she responds. The judge says that all he can really do is make a gut call and he can't profess that he has always made a sound judgment. He thinks the question he would ask is whether he would be comfortable putting his children in her care. "For whatever reason, I would," he concludes. He overturns the discharge. Melanie thanks John and gives him a hug.

Ally is explaining her feelings to Larry. "The problem with putting it behind me is that she will never be behind you. She's the mother of your child and she will forever be in your life." He tells Ally he knows it's a complicated situation and that he has been debating with myself whether he should move back to Detroit or Canada just to be closer to Sam. "The truth is, I don't have a choice. The biggest part of me is here and even if I moved away, the biggest part of me would still be here," he whispers. "Me?" she says. "You," he smiles. He tells her he really did write her a song.

Lisa walks in to Ling's office. She asks Ling what happened. Ling is confused as to what she is talking about. Lisa tells her she knows Randy came to see her. "Listen Lisa, if you're feeling this insecure then maybe you should call it off," Ling suggests. Lisa says her insecurity is either justified or not. She wants to know what Randy said. "He said he's never loved anybody, nor could he ever love anybody, more than he loves you," Ling says. "Did you...?" Lisa asks. "No. I wasn't going to do that, Lisa, and I didn't need to," Ling responds, "I know him, and I know the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. So, can we drop all this nonsense?" Lisa smiles.

Larry sings "Chances Are" to Ally (this is suppose to be the song he wrote for her) while Vonda sings the same song at the bar...

Chances are, you'll find me somewhere on your road tonight,
Seems I always end up driving by,
Ever since I've known you,
It just seems you're on my way,
All the rules of logic don't apply,
I long to see you in the night,
Be with you till morning light,
I remember clearly how you looked the night we met,
I recall your laughter and your smile,
I remember how you made me feel so at ease,
I remember all your grace and your style,
And now you're all I long to see,
You've come to mean so much to me,
Chances are, I'll see you somewhere in my dreams tonight,
You'll be smiling like the night we met,
Oh, chances are, I'll hold you, and I'll offer all I have,
You're the only one I can't forget,
Baby, you're the best I've ever met.

At the bar, Elaine and Mark and John and Melanie are dancing. Lisa and Randy are getting married, while Ling happily looks on. Lisa smiles at Ling and Randy blows Ling a kiss. Ally and Larry are making love.

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