Review of 'Tis the Season

Written by Josh

What an episode to finish on. I'd forgotten that, as unbelievably wonderful as the show can get, it's nothing compared to how amazing its Christmas shows are. This one was definitely no exception.

The case was I said last time, the Biscuit we know and love is back, and in rare form. (True, he's lost his last few cases, but that doesn't mean he didn't do a sensational job; he just happened to be on the wrong side of common sense.) And not only has he returned to glory in the courtroom, but outside it too...the singing dilemma (and its resolution) was classic John Cage.

Ling was groovy, too! We see her so rarely in court, it's easy to forget how incredible she is. Although her line - - "Are you retarded, Jacob?" - - was hysterical, though, it doesn't win the prize for Favorite Line...that goes to Nelle:

NELLE: "He's nothing but a dangerous myth! A fat, washed-out alcoholic who fiddles with elves. He's a pedophile, too. Gets kids to sit on his lap, promises toys. I salute our client."

JOHN: "Last year, you said you loved Santa Claus."

NELLE: "He was IN last year. Now he's out."

Yes, Nelle's been rather two-dimensional lately, but somehow she's still an extremely entertaining character.

The case was brilliantly-crafted, complex and thought-provoking, and so it should be said once again that Kelley is back to giving us the quality and creativity of the first two seasons. This is back to being one of the best, most intelligent and original shows on television.

So this is final contribution to the web site. (And how appropriate that it's horribly late as usual, symbolizing the need for the passing of the torch...) I want you all to know how I've appreciated your kind words and support; as a writer just starting in his career, they are - - in many ways - - a more valuable payment than money, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You've inspired me, helped me grow as a writer, and knowing that you've read and enjoyed my work has meant more to me than I can express. I'm very happy that I was able to provide this service for you and, in my own small way, contribute to the institution of this show that I love so much.

I want to thank Dana Bonistalli and TK for being the best, the most patient and understanding, bosses a guy could ask for; the "Ally McBeal" fans, for being the best group of readers a guy could ask for; and David E. Kelley, for his genius.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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