Review of The Last Virgin

Written by Josh

Fantastic episode. It was very interesting how easily Kimmy made the transition from gruesome antagonist to sympathetic victim. Because as much as we may personally dislike or disagree with people like her, she does have a rather valid point...just because she's in the minority, how much is she really imposing her beliefs on others, compared to how the others are imposing theirs on her? I'm not saying she's right, exactly, just that it's really very much a gray area in a lot of respects. Meanwhile, seeing the lovely and talented Jami Gertz again was excellent, and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out between her and John. (Mind you, it may have played out already...I haven't seen the tape of this past week's episode yet. Speaking of which...)

I apologize for the severe (I mean more-severe-than-usual) delay of this episode's summary writing. The tape took an unbearably long time in the mail, for reasons that are unclear, and arrived the same day THIS week's tape did. This just illustrates, once again, why I'm not longer the right man for this job. Which further reminds me...

Expect the summary and review of this past week's episode to be posted either tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday. It will be my final summary and review for this web site. Get out your hankies. (Or get a bucket of ice and some champagne, depending on whether you enjoyed my work or felt I should be disemboweled with a rusty spatula. I know there were quite a number of both.)

John was absolutely marvelous in this episode. He's back to being everything he's supposed to be...Richard's cohort, an uncomfortable and funny little man, and the most awesome and intimidating lawyer in Boston. Bravo, David E. Kelley, you've given The Biscuit back to us; we missed him terribly. And talking of brilliant lawyers...

Larry is amazing! Quick, wily, smarmy, always able to outsmart and infuriate his opponents...he's like the Bugs Bunny of attorneys! And I like his out-of-court persona too, he's got a fantastic sense of humor and he's really sweet and sensitive. I want to be Larry Paul when I grow up. The really fascinating scene for me, though, was when he and John talked outside of court (when John advised him to go after Ally). There was some dynamic there, between them; I can't put my finger on it, but it intrigues me. Somehow, they make an interesting pair. I'll be interested in seeing their interaction later. Meanwhile, I LOVE how Larry and Ally play off each other. So far, he seems like exactly what she needs to bring her off the emotional ledge she's always been on. I only hope he survives her erratic and often insensitive behavior.

But my favorite line? This week, it belonged to Reneé...

ALLY: "Billy once told me I was incapable of ever being happy."

Reneé: "He also said., 'It's just a headache.' Don't believe everything Billy said."

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