Review of Without a Net

Written by Josh

I saw Louie Anderson's name in the opening credits, and I was so excited...and then he only got fifteen seconds? Damn, that was disappointing. But watching Jamie Gertz as Kimmy was pretty satisfying, though, especially for those of us who remember her from "Quicksilver" with Kevin Bacon and Larry Fishburne.

Another slight disappointment was the abrupt termination of Mark and Cindy's relationship. They could have gone so many places with it, explored so many story angles.

John's take on Mark and Cindy was wholly unexpected, and I don't think it really fit his character...

...and meanwhile, Nelle has once again dropped from sympathetic character and all-around member of the Cage/Fish family to villainous bitch...curiouser and curiouser...

I LOVE Larry. LOVE him. He's an absolutely fantastic character, and his way with good-natured sarcasm and snide understatement is utterly charming. I'm very much looking forward to his development as a member of the cast.

Overall, I thought this episode was extremely entertaining and very well-written. Rumors of the shows deterioration, I think, have proven greatly exaggerated.

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