Review of Two's a Crowd

Written by Josh

Well, looks like I spoke too soon about Mark, although he still sort of seems like the odd man out where stories are concerned, and his character remains somewhat underdeveloped. Still, his was my favorite plot thread this week. (And he delivered my favorite line: "My girlfriend has a PENIS!!!" I still can't think about that without giggling uncontrollably.) I really enjoyed this story, and I thought the ending was surprising and very wonderful.

Florence Henderson! THAT was pretty groovy! But I thought that whole case seemed pretty superfluous, though, like once Kelley had the idea for it he didn't have the time to develop and conclude it properly. Her arguments reminded me of Billy...

The show seems to have a weird thing about using the concept of people dating other people's fathers to surprise us...first Georgia and Ally's father, and now this. But it was still entertaining, so I reckon it worked.

And now, for the final thought. As you've no doubt noticed, this feature of the website - - the summaries and reviews - - have been steadily going downhill since the season began. They're always horribly late, and generally much more abbreviated than they used to be. This is because I can no longer carry out this task the way I used to. Not only do I no longer have the time to do it properly with my busy college schedule and responsibilites, but now there are too many factors in the equation that can go VCR often doesn't tape, and the copy I get from my parents often gets held up at the mailroom, and my [five] roommates are often using the TV and VCR so I can't write the summary, and the computer lab downstairs is often full, and the computers IN the lab are often not working properly. In short, I am unable to give you the quality of work you deserve, and so I have decided to retire from this site starting December 4th. But this means that we need someone new to fill this position, and that's where you come in: If you feel like you would like to write the summaries and reviews, and would do a good job, then contact TK ( about it.

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