Review of Sex, Lies and Second Thoughts

Written by Josh

Well, mainly I just want to say how great it is that Ally's back on the air! It seemed like an eternity.

Robert Downey, Jr.! Fantastic! I'm a tremendous fan of his, and it was so excellent to find out he's going to be a cast member! And his character's excellent, too... I certainly can't wait to see more of him! James LeGros' character seems to have effectively been a stillborn. I'm REALLY starting to think Kelley's juggling too many characters at once.

Renée's absence. Well, I guess it's official - Kelley's not giving us an excuse.

My favorite scene this week - aside from any of Larry's scenes, of course - was Brian's reaction to Ally breaking up with him. Yeah, I know, she was right to break up with him if she felt that way, but he also had every right to feel the way he did about it. Like Dr. Butters before him, a really decent and wonderful guy has gotten the shaft courtesy of Ally's neuroses. And chances are this will give Brian horrific issues and insecurities he won't recover from for a very long time, if ever.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode immensely. My favorite cases to watch are always the ones in which John is the attorney... not just because he's poetry in motion when it comes to practicing law, but also because they're generally the most compelling cases with the most ambiguous issues behind them.

Finally, thanks to everyone who's been so patient. I wish I could say the summaries and reviews will be posted earlier from now on, but unfortunately, I can't make that promise... now that I'm in college (and sharing the TV/VCR with five other guys, not to mention sharing the five working computers in the computer lab with the entire building), budgeting my time has become even more difficult, as I have more responsibilities - both personal and academic - that I must prioritize. But I'll keep doing the best I can, as always.

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