Quotes from The Man With the Bag

Larry: Jamie is... an old girlfriend.
Jamie: Hmm, Ally would be the new one.

Ally: I've heard a lot about you.
Jamie: I've heard a lot about you too, Ally.
Ally: You have?
Jamie: He loves you.
Larry: Jamie!
Jamie: You haven't told her?
Larry: Well, gee, I was gonna let you break it.

Reneé: And you left them there?
Ally: What was I gonna do?
Reneé: Put that bitch back on a plane to Detroit, that's what.

Reneé: I know men. Why do you think I'm not with one?

John: One lousy hearing. He'll bring you a toy.

Lawyer: Is it Christmas today, sir, on December 11th?
Henderson: Well that depends.
Lawyer: On what?
Henderson: Well, on whether you're willing to consider the needs of children, whether you're willing to remember the weakness and loneliness of people who are growing old, whether you're willing to stop asking yourself how much your friends love you and ask whether you love them enough. Then you may keep Christmas every day.

Larry: I'm still capable of making a lot of mistakes, Ally, but walking away from you is not one of them.

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