Quotes from Love on Holiday

Ling: It's not natural that you haven't slept with him yet.
Ally: Why?
Ling: Well, you've been together over a month.
Elaine: Not every couple just jumps right into bed, Ling.
Ling: Oh, that's right, Elaine, you wait and count to three first. I forgot.

John: I'm a grown man. I'm dating a woman who takes her mother on dates. I mean, what the hell is that?

Nelle: Here's a flash: men go nuts for me. I'll admit you have this whole dark-haired exotic thing going, but when it comes to a man's true fantasy, I am it. I'm tall, I'm gorgeous and I look like I have brains, which I, in fact, do have. You? You're short and you bite.

Elaine: Sometimes you're in company when you just want to be bigger. Sometimes not.

Nelle: Put your mouth where your diagnosis is.

Greg: If you were never to see me again, how would you want to spend the evening?
Nelle: Why do you say that?
Greg: Oh, I don't know. I've always said you should live life like there's no tomorrow, and I suppose I never have.

John: Is your acute sense of morality a convenient way of dealing with your initmacy problems?
Kimmy: Perhaps.
John: Well, it's time to take the leap.
Kimmy: Will you catch me?
John: I'll try.

Larry: Why is it when I come here I always feel like I've walked in half-way through the movie?

Ling: Are you okay?
Nelle: Me? Sure. It's not as if Ioved the guy, I only knew him a day.
Ling: Sometimes you can love somebody in a day.

John: You know, chastitiy is a virtue I prioritize far less than honesty, Kimmy.

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