Quotes from The Last Virgin

Reneé: An instructional video on kissing?
Ally: Sometimes I do dumb things just to see if you'll notice.

Ally: My mouth turns to sand when I'm nervous.

Ally: Larry Paul? My, my, my, my, umm.... lawyer?

Larry: Usually I like to get a few more dates in before it turns to war....

Larry: How would you handle my beating you? I don't mean with a hair brush.
Ally: How would you handle me beating you?
Larry: I don't know. Uh, most of all I'd be impressed, your client is Kimmy.
Ally: Hmm, yeah, I keep blocking that out.

Ling: You try it.
John: Hey!
Ally: Oh, shut up.
John: I'm not a kissing test dummy.
Ling: Oh, sure, now you protest when you have to kiss her.

Reneé: Maybe he just doesn't want to rush it.
Ally: He's the man, Reneé, it's his job to rush it.

Ally: It's okay. I'm a lawyer, I'm independent, I've got the world at my fingertips, and I am woman.
Reneé: Damn right.
Ally: And if he doesn't love me I don't know what I'm going to do.

Ling to Fish: What women are attracted to is what they don't have. I have you, honey.

John: She gets emotional. I'd go after her.
Larry: I don't do that.
John: No, I suppose if you did it'd make it harder to live life alone.

Ally: I was disappointed that you didn't kiss me last night. Okay? There, I said it.
Larry: I did kiss you.
Ally: On the forehead. You can't even catch anything from that.

Larry: Ally, don't run from me. Don't run from whatever you're feeling.

Larry: I talk too much.

Larry: Everything could have worked out here. All she had to do was let it, really.

Ling: Can you handle me hot, Richard?

Reneé: What's wrong?
Ally: Billy told me once that I was incapable of ever being happy. Was he right?
Reneé: He also said it's only a headache. Don't be believing what Billy said.

Larry: You think I'm just gonna sit back and wait for you to get with the program? You might be afraid of all this Ally, but I'm... I'm not.
Ally: Larry, you've only seen the tip of the neurotic ice berg. I'm demented.
Larry: What else?
Ally: Self-absorbed.
Larry: What else?
Ally: Vain.
Larry: What else?
Ally: Beautiful. That's a good thing.
Larry: What else?
Ally: Maybe incapable of letting myself be loved.
Larry: That we need to work on, then.
Ally: Do you have any idea what you're getting yourself into? I'm afraid to trust it.
Larry: Then we need to work on that too.

Ally: I'll see you tomorrow, right?
Larry: You'll see me tomorrow.
Ally: And the day after that?
Larry: And the day after that.

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