Quotes from Without a Net

Ally: One day I will look back at this and laugh... or cry. One or the other, I'm sure of it.

Ally: I almost joined, Kimmy, especially when you promised me that free spermicide underneath the table, but when I went down there to get it I found you munching away on my boyfriend.
Kimmy: Ally was always such a little kidder.
Ally: You know, I would love to stay and chat, but I'm on a date with a father and son team and tonight they brought the sister which... well, things could get pretty wild.

Kimmy to Ally: I'm suing you for defamation, you total bitch!

Larry: Well, if you need a sympathetic ear I can fake it.
Ally: Thank you.

Michael: Jonathan and I both agree that you might be the most amazing woman on earth and it would be a tragedy if at least one of us didn't get you.
Ally: Now that was a good answer.

Cindy to Nelle: My penis makes you nervous.

Larry to Ally: The son'll probably live longer.

Mark: What are you doing?
John: Well, I'm either playing ping-pong or I'm hanging upside-down. Would you like to guess or use up one of your life-lines?

John: Platonic love affairs have been known to exist. There are, perhaps, countless reasons to purue this woman, and only one not to, but as flaws go, SHE HAS A PENIS!

Ally: It's when he got strict with me I knew I liked him. I hope this doesn't mean deep down I want to be spanked.

Ally: Well, um, I have a really big day tomorrow. We're gonna depose Kimmy and then I might get deposed so I should probably go kill myself.

Nelle: Who's that?
Ling: I don't know, some guy who has yet to drool over me.
Nelle: Ling, do you think every man wants you?
Ling: Yes.

Ally: You, uh, know Nelle?
Larry: I met her in your office today and she invited me for a drink. She seems nice. Good hair.

Richard: Let me tell you something about women, Mark. Don't talk to them. They'll talk back. Women should be obscene, not heard... Fishism.

Larry: Personally, I myself admire virgins, privately, I collect them.

Ally to Larry: How dare you make me apologize to that vile rabid yak!

Larry: I want you to ditch the father son act, I'll declare Nelle void, we can have dinner tonight.
Ally: Done.

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