Quotes from The Wedding

Ling: What skills does she have?
John: Warmth. We've decided you can't do it alone, Ling.

Ally: Who's her lawyer?
Rev. Harris: Mr. Larry Paul.
Ally: Hmm.
Rev. Harris: Have you been up against him personally?
Ally: Yeah, you could say that.

Ally: John, I'm fine. Don't you see me in a bar having a good time?
John: Yes, it's infectious.

Ally: Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you, Malcolm?
Malcolm: I think. You still believe in love.
Ally: Exactly. And you have to. Yeah, you... you just, uh, you have to.

John: Most of the people here, they don't live emotionally.
Richard: We need to fix that. I want this to be a place of compassion. Shall we fire them?
John: Well, as acts of compassion go, that wouldn't be my first choice.

George: You know, it's okay to cry all day if you have to.

Ally: Why haven't you been coming around this year? Did you... meet somebody else up there?
Billy: You haven't called me or needed me.
Ally: And you think I do now?
Billy: I'm just checking in.
Ally: Do you think that you could give God a little message for me?
Billy: Absolutely not.
Ally: So why are you here, Billy?
Billy: Just to share a little classified information. There's a very happy life ahead of you.
Ally: I never doubted it.
Billy: Then I guess I'll be going.

Girl: Can I ask you a question? Are you his mother?
Ally: I'm his mistress.

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