Quotes from Home Again

Richard: They are artful. They don't show George W.
Jane: George W.?

John: You shouldn't be practicing law without adult supervision, Richard.

Nicole: He's funny.
Jane: I told you.
Nicole: But he's old.
Jane: Shut up.

Helena: She seems nice.
Larry: She's a sweetheart.

Corretta: It's a good sign when a woman dumps ice cream on your head. It means she loves you. I told you not to have lunch with your ex-wife. Be grateful you weren't having soup when Ally saw you.

Lyne: A contract is a contract, Mr. Fish.
Richard: Except when it's not. Fishism.

Richard: Have a heart.
Lyne: What law school did you attend? We're now down to "have a heart?"
Richard: What law school did you attend that it extinguished yours?

Jane: Are all men in Boston as sweet as you?
Richard: No, I would be unique.

Ally: He leaves notes. Did you know that?
Renée: Sorry?
Ally: He can't deal with goodbyes so he leaves notes. I'm gonna get a note.

Ally: I feel so embarrassed.
Jeannie: Why? For loving somebody?

Elaine: He dropped off a note. Don't you want to open it?
Ally: No, I know what it says.

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