Quotes from Queen Bee

Nelle: I don't know who she is, but I don't like her.

John: You sucked on her toe?
Richard: I'm not into that, trust me...
John: Richard!
Richard: I'm telling you John, I just had to go to it.
John: Within five minutes of meeting her?
Richard: There's something about this woman. She's got this... this sexual, uh, power or something. She speaks in this melodic tone, it just sucks you in. You ever been sucked in by a woman?
John: Well, not onto her toe.

Sydney: Hello.
Larry: Uh, hi.
Sydney: Sydeny Gale.
Larry: Larry Paul.
Sydney: Larry, how are you?
Larry: Uh, well, uh, my... my arm hurts!

Jackson: All right, let's... let's hold on here. There are a lot of emotions on the surface.
Helene: Oh, shut up, pretty boy. Nobody likes a pretty boy.
Jackson: No one here is attempting to be pretty.

Helene: Look, you can't stop her from singing the songs, pretty boy. She's the musical director, and if he fires her after having a sexual relationship, she can sue. She's got quid, she's got pro, and she's go quo, and she's suing his holy ass!

Richard: Jury's back.
Sydney: Just in time.
John: Indeed.

John: You promised not to leave me alone with her.
Richard: I had to pee.

John: Is it the power that makes her sexy or the sexy that makes her powerful?

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