Quotes from Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade

Ally: It's time for my first face-lift.

Richard: Where's Ally?
Mark: Elaine says she called in older.

Corretta: You're Sting.
Sting: Yes.

Larry: Your honor, you can't be serious.
Judge Walsh: Mr. Paul, despite my perky nature I am quite capable of being serious.

Dr. Hobey: He asked for Barbra Streisand.
Howard: You gave me Karl Malden!

Ally: Make her jealous.
Richard: That's a little juvenile.
Ally: Works.
Richard: How do I do it?
Ally: Shopping.
Richard: Sorry?
Ally: Yeah, well, the first that thing a woman does with a new boyfriend is redresses him, so if you go out and get some new clothes she'll think that there's somebody else.

Ally: That stupid dancing baby is back and I was just trying to kill it. I'm fine, Renée.

Nelle: My father always told me we should embrace our God-given looks.
Howard: That must have been quite the challenge.

Richard: I got Cindy Margolis downstairs. I think she's gonna let me touch her. You can watch if you want.
Ally: As hard as that is for me to resist...

Corretta: That's noble. What's up with that?
Sting: What, rock stars can't be noble?

Louis: I feel so inadequate.
Melissa: Louis, haven't I always told you what a vigorous lover you are?

Larry: Hey, birthday girl, you want to dance?
Ally: I just feel so easy.
Larry: Well, I did bring Sting.

Ally: Sting actually sang to me.
Larry: So did I. Did you even notice?
Ally: Oh, you sang?

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