Quotes from Girls Night Out

Brian: Aren't you afraid of ending up alone?
Ally: I'm more afraid of ending up with the wrong person.
Brian: Ally, despite what your mother may have told you, when it's right you don't always know.
Ally: But when it isn't, you do.

Richard: Ally, I'm surprised at you. I thought you said you didn't need a man.
Ally: I don't.
Richard: Then what's this about?
Ally: I want one.

Richard: Guys don't like sleeping on somebody else's wet spot.

Ally: I thought public speaking made you nervous.
Brian: I thought you weren't a fan of orgies.

Cindy: I used to be kind of a different person.
Mark: Look, can we just go out a few times before we start revealing who we used to be?
Cindy: Yes.
Mark: Truth is, I like a girl with a secret or two.
Cindy: You're gonna love me.

Ally: I have a friend who refuses to get a pet because he says in the end they die and it's just too hard. Maybe it's the same for relationships. I don't know.

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