Quotes from In Search of Barry White

Ling: What does this mean?
Ally: I think you're in love.
Ling: What? Well, how do I snap out of it?

Ling: A woman hasn't got true control over a man until her hand is on the dumb stick.

Ling: You do my knee and I'll give you hair.

Richard: When a woman shaves her legs before going to work in the morning instead of before getting into bed at night, it's over, no exceptions.

Ally: How do you feel about it?
Renée: She can have him, Ally. That man runs about as deep as an inkwell. Which means, I suppose, Ling might drown.

Larry: As thou speaketh my feet itcheth.

John: Not everything is like chicken, counsel.

John: It's my concentration level. It's not what it used to be, Richard. I can't get him if there are other people in the room distracting me, and I used to be able to.
Richard: John, lots of people have trouble dancing with make-believe disco behemoths when there are others present.

Richard: Deja vu bygones.

Larry: You never know for sure when it's your turn to speak around here.

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