Quotes from The Obstacle Course

John: So, you're here to, uh...
Cassandra: Pursue you. Sort of. Well, at the very minimum I thought I'd get a nice lunch.
John: Well, okay, let's, uh, let's have lunch.

Sylvie: It went off with a hitch and I am damaged. Look at me!

Cassandra: Life is short, John. You have no idea.

Michael: They say if a person is lucky... lucky... he or she will come across one person in a lifetime that he can love, and live compatibly with. My person is you, Sylvie.

Cassandra: I just found myself thinking of more and more, so I said to myself, go visit him.
John: And the idea of calling first?
Cassandra: You might have said "don't." I didn't want to decrease the odds of seeing your face.

John: Love is far more pragmatic than it's cracked up to be.
Cassandra: Are you trying to convince me of that or yourself?

Ally: My grandfather once told me that you could measure dignity of a person by how able he is to see the dignity in others.
Ling: I don't get it.
Ally: Hmm.
Ling: Was it a riddle?

John: I'm confounded, Richard. Women find me so irresistable lately. What is it?
Richard: You've got money.
John: That's, eh...
Richard: And women love power. She saw you in action. Add to that, you're sensitive. You're a rich powerful man with feelings. How many guys do you know like that besides me?

Richard: When she's out of town, it's easier to cheat. Fishism. And here's a little known secret: older women. Smarter. Sexier. Better. I mean, not even close.

Ling: Don't you miss me?
Richard: Yes.
Ling: And Jackson doesn't bother you?
Richard: Well, a little, but... we're soul mates, Ling, and we'll probably get back together.
Ling: You think?
Richard: Yeah, we're emotional guppies, eventually we'll always reunite at the shallow end of the pool.

Ally: Love is, um, well, it's like an obstacle course. And some people let the obstacles win and then there are those who don't.

Cassandra: Most men so forget how to be soft.

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