Quotes from The Getaway

Richard: Hey, buddy.
John: Hello, Richard.
Richard: You sound like Eeyore, the donkey.
John: Well, perhaps that's the essence of our friendship. I sound like an ass and you act like one.

Richard: We're going on vacation.
John: To California?
Richard: Oh no, not just California. That little mecca that's aberrant enough for you and superficial enough for me.
John: You mean...?
Richard: I do. We're going to L.A.

Ally: No, no, no, wait, wait, wait... you can't just name me senior partner and then rush out of the room.
Richard: Oh, John told me to. He said, "If you name Ally senior partner, be prepared to rush out of the room."

Richard: Did you hear that? I paid fifteen-hundred bucks to sit in the horn section.

Richard: When they have trials in Los Angeles don't they just beat you up and send you to Mexico?
John: That's just the aliens.

Richard: Meet a couple L.A. girls, get a little L.A. wattle....

Richard: Isn't that why God made women, to ease hardship of man? Even if the hardship is in our shorts. Vulgarism.

John: I don't think we maximize our potential by taking our clothes off.

Richard: Jane, hustle with me.

John: I'd be happy to take a whack at you. Poughki... poughki... poughki... eh, take a whack at it.
Cassandra: Are you a good lover? Poughki... poughki... poughki... lawyer? Forgive me, I, uh... my sense of humor's a little naughty. Are you a good lawyer?
John: I'm very good.
Cassandra: Well, then, I'd love you to take a whack at... it.

Richard: Leader leads, follower follows. Fishism. You with me?
Jane: You Tarzan...

Richard: Sometimes, Frankie, the key to parenting is knowing when not to. Fishism.

Jane: You're a sweet, funny man, Richard.
Richard: What, funny strange? Funny, as in...?
Jane: All of the above.

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