Quotes from Boys Town

John: Melanie, why are you in my hole?

John: I'm filled with rancor. That's what I am, I'm filled with rancor.

Richard: You little runt!
John: Hey, he just called me a runt! I demand to be mollified!

Elaine: I've been single since... forever, so when I'm around an incredibly attractive... I... y'know, maybe my body's just conditioned to giving off big sloppy pheromones.

Richard: I come in peace. Buzz Lightyearism.

John: I just...
Richard: ...thought it was time to show me your hole.
John: Indeed.
Richard: John, Mambo Cat.

Elaine: Ally, my idea of communicating with a man is to stick my breasts out. Besides their need for sex, I don't have a clue about them. What do I do from here?
Ally: Well, you love 'em, you be honest with them, you be there when he needs somebody to hold onto, and every now and then you tell him that he has a really nice ass.

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