Quotes from Reach Out and Touch

Reneé: What's the matter?
Ally: I... he... um...
Reneé: What?I
Ally: ... I was hallucinating.
Reneé: What? You saw Larry?
Ally: No.
Reneé: Al Green?
Ally: No.
Reneé: Gloria Gaynor?
Ally: No.
Reneé: Then who? Who'd you see?
Ally: Barry Manilow. Call 911.

Ling: You're not going to get all weird again now that Larry's gone, are you?
Ally: Ling, I never stopped being weird.

John: For my sexual persona I've always gone to Barry White, but for my solitude, it's always been Barry Manilow.

Mr. Milter: I'm not... clear how you can then be suing my client, Reverend Compton, for interefering in a marital relationship if you claim that no such relationship existed.
Mr. Hooper: Well, maybe there would have been if he hadn't inserted his fat wet Episcopalian tongue into the bride's mouth.

Ally: How's Sam? Aw, aw... will you send him my love? Right. How's Jamie? Aw, aw... will you send her the measles? No, no, no, don't... don't send her the measles, because that would mean that you'd have to get too close.

Jackson: Richard, Ling and I got biblical one evening after we met in a bar.
Richard: Biblical... you what, prayed together?
Jackson: Well, if by "prayed" you mean on your knees...
Ling: Hey!

Nelle: Ghosts are like men, unless you're vicious they just keep haunting you.

Ling: Did you come to work here because of me?
Jackson: I don't remember.

John: How did you...?
Melanie: Oh, Ling helped me.
Ling: I can do anything.
Nelle: I got Barry White!

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