Quotes from Hat's Off to Larry

Larry: So, you're suing me.
Sam: I think it's time for you to cry.

Richard: You have to understand, even homophobes like me endorsed same-sex unions in Vermont.
Rick: Why?
Richard: We want all the gays to move there.
Rick: Really?
Richard: Yes, if they're going to, uh, better in thick wooded areas where... you know.

Ling: Do you think she could be falling for him? He is a salsa dancer.
Richard: She fell for a murderer.
Ling: At least he was a doctor.

Sam: You remember when I told him how I cry?
Ally: Yeah.
Sam: He's already found a way to forget that. That's what he does.

Ally to Larry: You got to go to Detroit.

Judge Walsh: It is a very sad day in my life, in this court, when I find myself agreeing with Mr. Fish. But today, I do.

Richard: My winning streak stopped at one. Bugger!

Larry to Ally: If I so much as look at you I'll never get on the plane.

Elaine: Is she a bigger slut than me?
Mark: No.

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