Quotes from Mr. Bo

Richard: Chubby Checker is actually gonna sing, which is a real treat for me since I thought he was... what's the word? Dead.

Ally: This is silly. Nobody hires new lawyers on the day of trial.
Elaine: Anything can happen around here, Ally. You keep forgetting, we don't live in a real world.
Ally: Does chauvinism live in the real world?

Jerry: Richard said you're a good attorney with an excellent grasp of the superficial.
Ally: Hmm. Did he?

Melanie: Mr. Bo!
Mr. Bo: Mel, sweetheart.
Melanie: Hi!
Mr. Bo: Sweetheart.
Melanie: Oh, you don't smell good. Last shower?
Mr. Bo: Christmas.

Richard to Elaine: Are you really that dopey or do you just say silly things to go with your outfits?

Ling: I have an incredible instructor, Sam Adams. He teaches...
Nelle: You take dance from a dead president?
Ling: What president? Sam Adams is a beer.

Melanie: He's completely harmless, John.
John: So are post office employees right up until they eat fast food.

John to Melanie: You disparaged my nose.

John: Where's the concern for my welfare? I ask you that.

Nelle: I do not like my eggs with Spam, I do not twist with Sam I Am.

Richard: Why bite the hand that wants to touch you?

Richard: Unbelievable. He's really not dead.
Ling: Are you sure?

John: Mr. Bo, I am going to say something to you my father once said to me. You are a total kookball.
Mr. Bo: Is that even a real word, "kookball?"
John: If it was good enough for my father, it's good enough for you.
Mr. Bo: Hey, you got supper plans? I got a piece of salmon for the hibachi.
John: Homeless people eat salmon now?

Ling: This isn't fair, she's getting Chubby. What do I get?
Elaine: You'll get your Chubby later.
Ling: I want that one.

Mr. Bo: The toad and I already ate.
Melanie: Could you do me a favor and not call him "the toad."
Mr. Bo: Oh, but it so fits.
John: Such a kookball!
Mr. Bo: Well, at least "toad" is a real word...
Melanie: All right, okay, all right, no "kookball" no "toad." You got it?

Larry: It's where you display it, that's the key. See, if you put it on the mantelpiece it says to the world this is who or what you are, and you're way more than this. If you stick in a drawer, that says this is something you've done, accomplished, and in a drawer it doesn't tarnish so easily. I mean, keep it, Elaine, it's yours, you won it. Just don't hold yourself up to it.

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