Quotes from The Ex-Files

Larry: Oh, my first brim job.

Ally: Despite my many many many character flaws, jealousy is not one of them. I was able to work in the same office with Georgia, the woman who was married to the first ass I ever sniffed.

Lisa: Did you break his heart?
Ling: Well, I do that sort of thing. I'm sure he's mended.

Mrs. Stiles: How enchanting can a journey be when you get pooped through the small intestine of a jungle animal?

John: Remarks like that make me see zeroes.

Nelle: I feel so bad for her, and I don't even like her.

Ally: I'm sure there's a very good explanation. She probably got bit by a rattlesnake in the mouth and he was trying to suck the venom out of her tongue.

Larry to Ally: I've never loved anybody as much I love you. And I'm only at the beginning of loving you.

Ally: Love isn't always enough.
Larry: Yeah, it is. You go without it long enough and you realize it's everything.

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