4th Season

#1 Sex, Lies and Second Thoughts
#2 Girls Night Out
#3 Two's a Crowd
#4 Without a Net
#5 The Last Virgin
#6 'Tis the Season
#7 Love on Holiday
#8 The Man With the Bag
#9 Reasons to Believe
#10 The Ex-Files
#11 Mr. Bo
#12 Hat's Off to Larry
#13 Reach Out and Touch
#14 Boys Town
#15 Falling Up
#16 The Getaway
#17 The Pursuit of Unhappiness
#18 The Obstacle Course
#19 In Search of Barry White
#20 Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade
#21 Queen Bee
#22 Home Again
#23 The Wedding

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#1 Sex, Lies and Second Thoughts: Aired Monday, October 23, 2000

Brian asks Ally to move in with him, but instead of saying yes she dumps him. Ally finds herself attracted to the man she thinks is her new therapist, but then she finds out he's a lawyer. Cage defends a friend who is seeking an annulment because her husband isn't sexually attracted to her.

#2 Girls Night Out: Aired Monday, October 30, 2000

Ally finds the perfect way to meet a large volume of eligible men. Richard and Ling defend a woman who is really a man, and Mark hits on her. John has a fling with a very sexy client who is being sued for sexual harassment.

#3 Two's a Crowd: Aired Monday, November 6, 2000

Cindy tells Mark her secret and he continues to date her. Ling and Nelle represent a woman whose husband left her after she took advice from a relationship counselor and became submissive. Ally is dating two men at once that turn out to be father and son.

#4 Without a Net: Aired Monday, November 13, 2000

Ally continues dating father and son to try to decide between them. Ally is sued for libel by a virtuous ex-classmate and hires Larry Paul to represent her. Mark tries to make things work with Cindy but they end up breaking up. Larry goes out on a date with Nelle but ends up with Ally.

#5 The Last Virgin: Aired Monday, November 20, 2000

Ally is terrified of her burgeoning relationship with Larry. Fish gets jealous when he sees Ling demonstrating a kiss on John and tries to reinvent himself for her. Kimmy hires Ally and John to sue the law firm that fired her instead of making her partner. Larry is the defense for the law firm. Kimmy and John go out on a date.

#6 'Tis the Season: Aired Monday, November 27, 2000

John and Ling defend a newscaster who was fired after announcing on the air that there is no Santa Claus. John lies to Kimmy that he can sing and then can't get out of performing for her. Elaine sings at the bar and Mark asks her out. Ally is concerned about Larry's doldrums around Christmas and finds out that he has a son in Detroit.

#7 Love on Holiday: Aired Monday, December 4, 2000

An ex-employee of the firm sues Elaine for sexual harassment after she demos her Vi-bra which makes her breasts move in all different directions. Richard hires Larry Paul to represent Elaine and Mark helps. Mark says he can't date Elaine when she's so promiscuous, but when he asks her out again anyway she turns him down because he's on the rebound from Cindy. Larry figures out that the ex-employee is just upset that Elaine started dating someone else. The firm participates in a charity date auction. Richard is concerned that no one will bid on him, but it turns out that he shouldn't have worried since a number of men end up competing over him. Cindy later admits that she orchestrated the whole thing. Ling and Nelle compete over who can draw more money and Ling totally wins, but Nelle thinks she might have won with her date... until she finds out he's going to jail. John insists that Kimmy's mom stop joining them on dates, and when Kimmy can't handle it he breaks up with her. Ally and Larry talk about how they're taking things slowly.

#8 The Man With the Bag: Aired Monday, December 11, 2000

John helps Nelle defend her own father who has been fired from his job as a schoolteacher because he thinks he's Santa Claus. Ally is threatened when Larry's ex-girlfriend, the mother of his child, comes to town, and rightfully so. Richard and Ling lipsync at the annual office Christmas party at the bar.

#9 Reasons to Believe: Aired Monday, January 8, 2001

John helps an old friend, Nicholas Engbloom, defend Melanie West, a woman with Tourette's syndrome who is accused of running down her lover and then backing over him. Meanwhile, John also represents Engbloom when his wife files for divorce, and gets Larry to represent Mrs. Engbloom in an effort to get the elderly couple back together. Fish coaches Mark in song therapy to boost his sexual confidence with Elaine.

#10 The Ex-Files: Aired Monday, January 15, 2001

Larry's ex makes one last effort to get him back and almost succeeds in breaking up Larry and Ally. Ling's friend suspects her fiance still loves Ling. Melanie is fired from her teaching job and John goes to bat for her.

#11 Mr. Bo: Aired Monday, January 22, 2001

John meets Melanie's homeless friend and then finds out that the man is her father. Ally defends a client who fired her receptionist because the receptionist gained some weight. Elaine wins a twister contest and dances with Chubby Checker. Nelle meets Ling's sexy dance instructor.

#12 Hat's Off to Larry: Aired Monday, February 5, 2001

Larry's son comes to Boston and it's obvious to both Larry and Ally that the young boy desperately needs his father in Detroit... so Larry leaves, promising to come back. Nelle represents her new lover, salsa dancer Sam Adams, in suing his ex-dance partner to keep her from using his moves in a dance competition. Nelle learns more than she wanted to about Sam Adams and ends up dumping him when he decided to dance with his ex-partner again. Cindy McAuliff comes to Richard Fish to represent her in an attempt to get married. Fish makes a valiant effort, but isn't able to change the law, so he married the happy couple himself.

#13 Reach Out and Touch: Aired Monday, February 12, 2001

Richard hires on a new rainmaker at the firm, Jackson Duper, who turns out to have a sexual history with Ling and is a little stunned by how ridiculous things are at the firm. Ling and Jackson work an annulment case together in which the husband is suing not only his wife, who is a nymphomaniac, but the minister that married them for sleeping with his wife. When John finds out that Melanie also likes Barry Manilow, he shows her his secret hideaway through a fake wall in the unisex and proposes to her. She turns him down because she doesn't believe in marriage, but wants to continue seeing him and get Barry Manilow to perform at the bar. Ally is mourning Larry's departure and counseling Richard and John on their difficulties with Ling and Melanie. Ally has also been hallucinating Barry Manilow, so when he performs at the bar she takes a swing at him.

#14 Boys Town: Aired Monday, February 19, 2001

John and Richard are fighting all the time, so John convinces Richard to join him for couples therapy. John finally shows Richard his secret room. Mark is mad at Elaine 'cause she keeps sweating over Jackson Duper. Jackson and Ling represent a female lawyer who is being sued by an ex-employee, represented by Reneé, because she fired all the male lawyers in her firm. Jackson asks Reneé out for a drink and Ling is jealous despite herself. Ally starts hallucinating Larry.

#15 Falling Up: Aired Monday, February 26, 2001

Renée and Jackson sleep together on their first date, but they may actually end up making a relationship out of it instead of just a one-night stand. Ling is jealous of the new happy couple. Ally is hallucinating falling, and keeps thinking that she sees Larry. She sees various therapists, but the cure comes in the form of Larry coming back to town and asking to move in with her. John represents a man who wants to annul his marriage after his wife decides she doesn't want to have kids, and it brings to the forefront some issues between John and Melanie causing them to call it quits. Elaine convinces Mark to sing with her.

#16 The Getaway: Aired Monday, March 19, 2001

Richard convinces John that they need a vacation in L.A. Once there, Richard manages to get himself arrested twice, and John is kept busy cleaning up Richard's mess and saving a woman who is getting a divorce after her husband paid someone to seduce her. Richard, once out of jail, helps a struggling actress get away from her agent/pimp.

#17 The Pursuit of Unhappiness: Aired Monday, March 26, 2001

Ally busts Elaine cheating on Mark, so Elaine convinces Ally to lie for her. However, Elaine's guilt gets the better of her and she tells Mark the truth. She apologizes for her actions, but says they should break up because they're really just not a very strong couple and they've only been biding their time with each other anyway. Jackson and Larry almost break up a happy couple that is about to get married by being cut-throat about prenuptial negotiations. Ling defends a man, Henry, who is being sued by his own son for control of the family company. Henry was in an accident that created a blood clot in his brain that makes him always happy. He is so happy and friendly that he's no longer a good business man and the company stock is tanking. The issue resolves itself when his wife dies and he realizes that he's so perma-happy that he's unable to properly grieve for her, so he has the blood clot drained. John is lashing out at Nelle to get over his loss of Melanie. Ally and Larry discuss moving in together.

#18 The Obstacle Course: Aired Monday, April 16, 2001

John's L.A. friend, Cassandra, comes for a visit. Nelle begins an online romance. Ally and Larry oppose each other in a suit about a romance broken by appearances. Jackson admits feelings for Ling.

#19 In Search of Barry White: Aired Monday, April 23, 2001

John goes up against Larry in court representing a man who wants to clone his dead wife. John is frustrated when he can't find his muse, Barry White. Ally tries to help John win and bets Larry another foot rub. Ling tries to fight her attraction to Jackson and Jackson is frustrated by the mixed messages she's sending out. Elaine is even easy when she's on an online date.

#20 Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade: Aired Monday, April 30, 2001

It's Ally's thirty-first birthday, and she takes the day off from work because she's depressed. Larry hires a feisty new associate named Corretta Lipp. Richard thinks he might want Ling back, and goes out to buy new clothes to make her think he's dating someone else and make her jealous, but he finds something even better: Internet queen Cindy Margolis. John and Nelle represent a man who is suing his plastic surgeon for making his nose too big. He is a Barbra Streisand impersonator, and was trying to get her nose but claims now that it's too big. It turns out he's really just upset because his boyfriend left him because he's too attached to his work. Larry defends Sting who is being sued for breaking up a couple's marriage by singing to the wife of the couple. Sting lets the Brighton house-wife have her dream and settles, but in the process he makes Larry late for Ally birthday bash at the bar. Ally's birthday is a blow-out, with a performance by Elaine and Jackson that makes Ling jealous all over again, a performance by Renée during which Ling confronts Jackson about his sleeping with Renée, a performance by the Streisand impersonator, and finally a performance by Larry and Sting, which gets Larry a little bit out of the dog-house for being late. Ally still feels alone on her birthday, which disturbs her since she's not actually alone this year.

#21 Queen Bee: Aired Monday, May 7, 2001

Nelle and Jackson help out Richard's friend Reverend Newman when he starts dating a new woman in his church choir, and his ex-girlfriend, the choir musical director, starts aiming mean songs at her perceived rival. Richard and John defend a woman who has cultivated a bee-hive-like advertising company with her strange sexual power over men, and is now being sued for sexual harassment.

#22 Home Again: Aired Monday, May 14, 2001

Larry considers proposing to Ally, but chickens out when his elaborate ring-in-dessert plan goes awry. Ally turns to her mother for support when she catches Larry with his ex-wife and breaks up with him. Larry gives Ally a goodbye note. With help from John back in Boston, Richard goes to L.A. and successfully helps Jane keep some nude pictures of herself from being published in a magazine. Richard offers Jane a job at his firm if she wants to move to Boston to pursue theater.

#23 The Wedding: Aired Monday, May 21, 2001

Ally represents a boy who wants a girl to stick to her vow of going with him to the school prom. Ally ends up as the boy's prom date. Ally finds out that Larry has gone back to Detroit. Jane joins the firm as Richard's new assistant and her friendly personality accentuates how cold everyone else is.

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