Review of Story of Love

Written by Dana Hagerty

For me, tonight's episode was worth it simply for the exchanges between Cage and Nelle. Everything else, I could have done without.

Especially the scene with Ally kicking Hannah! I have never in my life known anyone that would act that way and I was very disappointed to see Ally be that violent. Someday, I would like to see her be the bigger person and just walk away.

And while I was disappointed in Ally's actions at the beginning of the episode, I do have to applaud her for the way she handled the situation with George at the end. Nice to see her thinking of someone besides herself.

My thoughts on George and Ally: Not believable. Don't get me wrong, I think older men can be very attractive. (My personal favorite is Sean Connery in a ponytail in "Medicine Man.") But the entire thing between George and Ally felt forced to me.

Renee: When is she going to get something to do? (Okay, next week's preview does appear to have Lisa Nicole Carson in more of a prominent role, but so far this season she is being wasted.)

Loved Nelle's softer look. Of course, I've liked her character from the beginning, but she had even more presence in this episode.

Oren Koolie. He's cute, but I don't understand the point of bringing him back. That entire case could have been handled pretty much exactly the same way without him.

Oh yes, and I know that the discussion about Ally's skirts is really old, but I think her hemline is now way, way too short. I have no idea how she bent over to pick up that purse at the beginning!

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