Review of It's My Party

Written by Dana Hagerty

John Ritter is a fine actor, but he would definitely not be my choice to play the part of a sexy, older man. Ally might very well be attracted to him, but I can't see why.

Of course, next week he may very well prove me wrong. After all, when it comes to Richard and Ling, I am about to eat my words. In my summary a few episodes ago, I wrote that I didn't see any chemistry between this pair. Then, in my summary of the next episode, I wrote that I did see sparks. Tonight, Ling was smokin'! The scene between she and Richard, in my opinion, was even hotter than the cappuccino scene from last season.

Speaking of cappuccino, nice scene with Ally and George and the spilled cappuccino froth on his tie. I know many people who have been just waiting to see what Kelley was going to do to make fun of the entire Clinton scandal.

I have nothing against Vonda, but I'm glad that Kelley threw in more songs in this episode that were being sung by other artists, (even if those artists were sometimes hard to hear over Ally and others!).

There was a lot of talk on the Internet this week regarding the promo for tonight's show, and whether the scene with Ally leaping up and straddling George's face was something that should be seen on television. It was a very quick scene, and it was one of Ally's inner thoughts, and while it is a little shocking to see, I have to say that I've seen and heard worse on television lately. And if Kelley can get away with pushing the envelope, well, he might just be a bit like Ally in that regards.

I think that with the way Nelle handled things in the courtroom for Ally, it was time for Ally to say something nice to her, even if it was only "thank you." But it was like Ally didn't even notice. Actually, Billy had a good point. She probably didn't notice.


Elaine, to George: "Ally makes her own bed. There's no reason you have to lie in it."

Georgia, after Ling explains why she dresses trampy: "And, dressing skimpy?"
Ling: "Engages the penis. There's nothing dumber than the horny toad."

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