Review of Fools Night Out

Written by Dana Hagerty

I know that lots of people don't feel the same I do about things like this, but it's episodes like this one that keep me watching this show. Just the right mixture of drama and comedy, tears and laughter. I love Kelley's writing and this cast's acting the best when they can actually make me feel something. I haven't felt it yet this season. Tonight, I did.

I had a feeling that would be the big secret that was to come out in tonight's episode. But even though I guessed it, I still was not prepared for how it would make me feel. For the first time this season, I truly felt bad for Ally. I wonder if Billy really understands how much Ally lost when she figured out the truth. I have never been one of those who believed that Ally and Billy should get back together, but I did understand how Ally treasured their relationship. Billy said he couldn't understand how Ally would be so upset over losing something that she didn't have yesterday. But the problem is, she did have it yesterday. It was hope -- hope that she would someday find what she had before. But if what she had before wasn't the true thing, what does she even hope for?

Peter MacNicol did a great job directing this episode. I didn't doubt for a minute that he would. But, I'm the kind of person who will get myself all excited about a new show or new movie, and my expectations are too high for me to really enjoy it. But Peter didn't disappoint.

It was nice to see Jennifer Holliday being given more to do in this episode. She has such a spectacular voice. I thought it was interesting that Kelley would make a point of having the minister mention that she sang "Short People" in an episode last season. Maybe that will keep people from e-mailing me and the newsgroup, asking, "Didn't she sing in an episode last season?"

Last week, I wrote that I didn't see any chemistry between Fish and Ling. But tonight, there was one scene where I could practically feel the sparks coming off my screen. When Richard stopped her and asked her out, both of their defenses were down, and I could see definite possibilities. She, like Elaine, is much more complicated than I originally thought. I'm very interested to see where Kelley will take her character.

Favorite Moment:

Cage dancing in the unisex.

Favorite Line:

Richard, to his minister: "If you were an altar boy, you'd be with a priest."

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