Review of They Eat Horses, Don't They?

Written by Dana Hagerty

Ally and Renee were watching Wick's show on TV one morning, so why would she be surprised that the show wasn't just on the radio?

Never have I received more e-mail regarding the show not even about Calista's weight! Everyone wanted to know what a "spinner" was. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea! I read this possible theory in the newsgroup. And, be warned, it's an NC-17 answer! Dagwoodnblondie wrote: "My husband says it's a term that was used by the guys in Viet Nam to describe very thin, petite whores that could be turned around on one's penis." Sounds like a pretty good answer to me.

As for the show, I feel like something is missing. I can't put my finger on it, but when I watched tonight's episode it just felt like something was missing. On second thought, maybe there is too much to deal with. With the introduction of Nelle, we have seen less and less of Billy and Renee. Both were almost non-existent in tonight's episode.

You have to love Kelley's timing. I wonder if he knew that the Associated Press article with Calista talking about being on the cover of TIME would come out this week? Well, even if he didn't, Ally getting in a little dig at TIME and her own short skirts was pretty cute. And only Kelley can write the words "November" and "sweeps" in the same sentence and not sound as if he is begging for a ratings win.

This episode began with me still liking Nelle and being really disgusted with Ally because she wasn't even giving Nelle a chance. By the end, I still liked Nelle, but I agreed with Ally about what Nelle did, and I could relate to Ally's fear of things "changing" at the firm. Things are already different.

Ling and Richard. I see absolutely no chemistry.

Nelle and Cage. Again. No chemistry.

But I love her spunk! I hope she and Renee get to go up against each other. I think it would make it even more interesting to have Renee like and respect her. Ally would be furious!

Favorite line of the evening goes to Georgia:

"Jury's back. Let's gallop."

©1998 Dana Hagerty. All rights reserved.

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