Review of The Real World

Written by Dana Hagerty

First of all, I have to get this out of my system. I LOVE THE NEW CHARACTER! She has spunk -- something that I really like about Renee.

I hate Ally's hair. Calista is a very beautiful woman, but she has the kind of hair that is just lifeless when it's that long.

I really got the impression last season that Ally was completely clueless when it came to sports. What was up with her all of a sudden mentioning that she and her father listened to the baseball games on the radio while she was growing up?

By the way, the cast and crew never left California when filming this episode.

Yesterday wasn't just the first day for the new season for me. It was my first day at a new job. Let me tell you, if the women there gave me the looks that the women gave Nelle, I would not be going back today. Granted, I'm not an attorney, but why are they so jealous of her? If anyone has a reason to be the least bit jealous, it's Georgia. I completely understand her reaction to seeing Nelle changing clothes while her husband watched. I really think the jealousy towards Nelle is unbecoming of all of them, but especially Elaine and Ally.

I loved the part where Richard asked Nelle if she really cared what the other lawyers thought about her joining the firm. Not because he asked her that, but because we didn't get to hear her answer. Maybe Kelley is trying to make us think that she doesn't care, but in the end we will discover that she isn't what she seems.

I want to see: more of Ally's new place, more of the Biscuit's office, and more of Ally's new shoes.

I wonder why Nelle kept calling Cage by the wrong name? If she is as smart as she seems, this isn't something she would do on purpose.

Favorite Lines:

Richard (after giving a case to Billy and Georgia): "I'd do it myself if I knew the law."

Cage (when asked what it meant to have the jury come back quickly): "They have weekend plans."

Cage: "Any person who can make you flex your romantic muscle -- remind you of what it's like to feel. That's good company."
Ally: "Even if your muscle never gets to compete."

Dr. Clark: "Ally , with you, everything is about you. But that's okay. Narcisim is a wonderful thing."
Ally: "It is?"
Dr. Clark: "For me. Nuts like you heat my pool."

Dr. Clark: "How were his glutes? Did he have really amazing glutes, because that can do it."

©1998 Dana Hagerty. All rights reserved.

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